Change? Patriot Act Still Going…

Ask an Obama supporter of how he’s doing so far and they will say ‘fantastic!’ One thing I hear about is the new transparency of government. Hang on….

<10 minutes pass>

Ok, I am done laughing now. For all the websites Obama puts up showing the progress of some environmental bill or whatever the Patriot Act is still live and going strong. The latest on this is a 16 year old being held under the Patriot Act powers . If Obama actually is running things (he isn’t) then one of the first things he should have done to further his ‘kinder, gentler government’ change agenda is get rid of the rights-deleting Patriot Act. Now even though it seems that in the case of this 16 year old that ‘normal’ un-constitutional powers of the courts are being used, the fact remains that anyone, yes ANYONE, can just be detained without charges, without warrant, without counsel and without communication for as long as desired.

I don’t see Obama saying a peep about this. None of the powers taken by the last regime have been handed back. Even the ‘radical’ ideas of pulling out of Iraq or closing Gitmo have been backpedaled. How long are you going to fool yourself with the ‘he’s just gotten there!’ or ‘it can’t all happen at once!’ rationalizations?  A year? An entire term of office?

Nothing is changing folks. The VAST majority of us are in the middle and we  continue to hand down via taxes to the poorest and the rest up to the greedy rich and carry the burden of the stress of keeping it all running all the time. We do need change. REAL CHANGE. Do I have the answer? Nope. The system has been very successful in brainwashing me into seeing the 2 false choices we are given and nothing else yet. One day I hope I see it even if I don’t know what it is yet.


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