Soda tax? Whatta laugh

So one of the ways being considered to pay for our glorious health care system (you know the one that doesn’t exist and probably won’t…thankfully) is to put an excise tax on ‘sugary soft drinks.’ This is being said to exclude diet sodas.

So sugary sodas are a sin worthy of a sin tax, but diet sodas are healthy? That is the implication given by this idea.

Addicted to full flavored sodas? Get ready to pay a surcharge. Everyone else can bombard their system with aspartame, Splenda and all the other ‘healthy’ sweeteners in soft drinks.

I suppose you could just drink water though. Nature’s healthy drink right? Oh…never mind. From fluoride to prescription drugs, our drinking water has been being poisoned for decades.

GMO foods, HFCS and so on. Food is being used as a weapon. Prices and chemical alterations help keep the population under control and poor. Ever wonder why the good food is so expensive? Why is the horrible crap that is irradiated and has loads of chemical treatments and processing so much cheaper from something that is perhaps picked, put in a box ans shipped to your store? Wouldn’t common sense tell you that the less you have to do to something, the cheaper it should be? Because the good food, the healthy stuff is being hoarded for the ‘more worthy.’ Take a look around at the famous people and rich folks you hear about. They always travel with personal chefs in tow and you don’t see them hanging out in Burger King grabbing a Whopper. Think of how much different the ‘real elites’ eat. You know, the ones you DON’T see. They eat well. Eating well these days pretty much just means not eating poison but they eat very very well. All organic, non-modified non-poisoned food. They certainly don’t want us ‘useless eaters’ eating anything healthy. Even at a glance, we are being exploited by trading our health for money. Eat cheaper, have more medical problems, buy more drugs….a nice cycle that makes the upper crust a ton of money. I put forth the idea that it’s not just to bilk us for everything we have, but also a way to thin the heard, which is a much-stated goal of the NWO. The money thing is easy to see and obvious even if someone has a hard time believing the fact that the top 1% want to kill 90% of us. Just enough left to keep them happy and serviced.

But remember, you were given a fake choice and you asked for this.


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