Swine Flu may have been man-made

A report out from an Austrailian researcher is saying that the most simple answer for the origin of the swine flu pandemic (remember, what you were supposed to be terrified of a couple of weeks back?) is that it was a laboratory escape.

Since many of the ‘awakened crowd’ were saying all along that eventually this could be proven to be a calculated release this is a big deal. Of course the person saying this must be a lunatic right?

Oh wait, this guy has been at it for nearly 40 years at a high level, published hundreds of papers and even worked on making Tamiflu. So much for him being some crackpot.

But of course, the CDC are backpedaling and trying to say that his is not the only interpretation (and it isn’t) and that it might have developed naturally(it’s true.) Listen to other viral geneticists and they are saying the same thing though. The mix and vectoring of this virus points to a designer made virus, something that was likely to have been engineered while working on a vaccine. The official packpedal is soft: ‘we might not ever find out where it came from’ and they likely won’t. Nothing in science is ever 100%. Scientists who deal in absolutes are just good salesmen and lousy scientists. The fact remains that the best current explanation is that it was a man made strain and released, accidentally or purposely, into the ‘wild.’ Notice that they do not rule this out, only point to other possible (and more convoluted) scenarios. It has happened before and it will happen again. It’s really hard to keep a genie in a bottle.  Keep in mind while you see this theory trotted out and then dismissed as total bunk in the mainstream that the people who are saying this are not at all tin foil hatted charlatans. The tin foil hats WILL be saying the same thing, but here, at the beginning of it in the MSM, it is respected experienced viral scientists. They will be rolled in with the loonies and it will all go die off quitely

…until the next release.

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