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Cap and Trade…how is it going to help?

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Ok, so I am no environmental scientist nor an economist, but I cannot see how this whole system of cap and trade (being passed today ) is going to help the environment. Now I am no GOP denier of the ill effects of our pollution to the world not am I an Al Gore doomsday seer that wants to eliminate such harmful gasses as carbon dioxide from the planet totally (that’s what we exhale by the way…so to do that every living animal on the planet needs to die.)

As I understand it, everyone gets a certain amount of pollution credits that allows them to ‘pollute.’ If you run out then you need to buy more credits in order to continue to do it. This means whatever you are producing that is making that pollution costs are going to go up. That means the consumer will pay more for it. Companies aren’t going to pollute less, they just have to pay more to do it (and therefore make consumers pay for it in higher prices.)

Pollution won’t be any less, it will just generate new streams of money to trickle up to the elite. It’s another fine example of getting us to pay for our own demise. Until or unless money is spent on actually discovering cleaner fuels or more efficient fuels (which the oil companies have paid to make disappear for over a hundred years now) nothing is going to help. Pollution will continue to poison the planet (although probably not as much as the real tree-huggers say it is) everything costs more and the elite get to laugh all the way to the bank with more of our money.

Thanks Al.


More Jackson

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In an effort to help professional comedians here are some more fodder:
Michael Jackson dead at 50. His face was 23.
Farah Fawcett is super pissed, he stole her death scene.
I hope they don’t cremate him, it will be hard to clean all that plastic off the grates.
His nose will be auctioned for charity on Ebay tomorrow.
His kids just inherited a shit ton of bills. (I guess that one isn’t that funny.)
The Catholic Church can now consider him for Saint Michael of little boy butthurt.

Really folks, this guy was a super crazy rich pedophile. Stop making him into some hero.

Little boys can rest a bit easier

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The ‘King’ is dead.

Too soon?

When all the tributes go on for weeks and weeks now, remember that this guy was a plastic faced freak with a taste for little boys.

Jury of your peers…

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In America, the pinnacle of our justice system is the ability to be tried by a jury of your peers.

What was once a great and fair system is now just scary as hell. What am I talking about? Let’s look at some real life examples of ‘your peers.’ These are taken from talkback and comment sections of major and majorish news sites.

Not crediting any particular site or story, these are from all over the web as talk-backs to various news stories from places like the Washington Post all the way down (to the bottom) at Infowars. No spelling has been corrected, nothing omitted. These are complete posts as they appeared on the web.

-“Obama is an inexperienced megalomaniac who has an exaggerated opinion of himself. What a dolt. This is what happens when a bunch of morons vote for a community organizer!!”

-“Dear Supreme Ruler, Friday is “Date Night” at the White House. Please bring your Mrs. Ayatollah and we’ll roast a goat, do a little bowling and smoke the Peace Pipe, if you know what I mean. Your BFF, The Annointed One – B Hussain Obama”

-“I can see it now: Dear Ayottolah: I’m sure just hearing from me will make you a different man. I know that peace will now be your number one goal. Next time your in DC with the wife, please drop by the WH for dinner. We can dine on Weezie’s home grown vegetables and then go out for some goat ice cream. Maybe later we can all fly to NY on Air Force One to catch a play or something cool. Looking forward to your vist. Love, Barack Can’t believe it didn’t work!”

-“All you people out there better be careful, because the great Ayatollah Obama knows who you are, and he’s going to get even. Pretty soon he will rank amongst the top Muslim leaders in the world and at that point he will be able to talk to the leaders of Iran, on till then the people will suffer. You have to understand he’s only six months in and he hasn’t established himself yet as one of the top ayatollahs in the world. But have no fear the great Ayatollah Obama is going to fix it for all of us.”

-“Seems to me that this would have been the perfect opportunity for war with Iran. If the USA would have engaged the military with air power the people of Iran would have been able to free themselves. No ground forces would have been needed. A pro west government would have taken over and we could have given them nuclear power so as to eliminate the entire debate over nuclear research….”

-“How come the Washington Times sat on this story until today? It would have been nice if someone would have asked the President about it in yesterday’s press conference. The 4 branch of gov’t is worse than the other 3.”

-“ghetto administration. HOPE he fails…”

-“thousands of telephone poles are destroyed each year by woodpeckers and all we care about is an Inspiration Speech by the president on father’s day….where are our priorities ???”

-“Liberalism is a mental disorder”

-“From the moment President B.O. refused to come clean about his citizenship, we’ve all known he’s a liar…and I hope all of his “messiah complex” followers are pleased. We can never expect the truth from most politicians (or any government officials) these days but remember brothers…it’s all for our own good, safety, security and yada, yada, yada.”

-“Hey I only hire Illeagel Mexican and South American workers – WHY YOU ASK ?



-“yea and your part of the problem only interested in your sucess and no one elses.
I would not hire you to paint my house if you showed up with a truckload mexicans
who cannot even read or write in their own language. I would fire you on the spot and hire an american native whom I could communicate with weather he is black ,white or hispanic makes no difference you are an ignoramous who should leave the country.
PS not all mexicans are that hard working like you say there are plenty of hard working american white boys out there if you pay them a adecent living wage.
Mexicans will work so cheeeeeeep because they have 20 people living in a 2 room shack
and all work for whatever they can get. You should rethink your position cheepskate”

-“gas is up, . soon it will cost too much to goto work which causes job loss. food is up no job means no food which means malnurishment. the govt. rereleases thier super improved swine flu which means the starving people whose imune system is depleated due to starvation will get sick and die which means population reduction. mexico city was a beta test for thier superflu , it only killed a small amount but the WHO said it will be back in a few months stronger then b4.hmm , if that dosent soumd suspicious then nothing does. its not a possible warning its them saying we will improve our new toy and it will be back with a vengeance ,twice as powerful. i would be willing to bet that in the fall the super flying pig virus will be rereleased but in a different place. mexico city was the first testing ground but would be too suspicious if it flared up a second time in the same place”

How do you feel about a jury of your peers now? How about our education system? Taking a look around at people makes me scared as hell. I also would like to point out that these are the smarter than average ones that actually got onto the Internet and posted about something political. These types are typically smarter than average, more educated and more functional in society. Joe Blow in the street or knocking you out of the way at Wal-mart to purchase some cheap Chinese product is generally not as smart as this even.

The system works very well. Scary isn’t it?

Republicans right for all the wrong reasons

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Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has publicly stated that she refuses to answer anything other than the Constitutionally prescribed number of people living in her home. All of the ditto-heads are crying on and on about ACORN doing the Census and it being a leftist conspiracy against our Bill of Rights. They are right, sort of.

It’s not that the Obama administration is blatantly paying back ACORN for their controversial help during the campaign, it’s the simple fact that the Constitution only says we need to count people for congressional allocation. Republicans crying about our rights and such need to shut the hell up since their guy did as much to our rights as Hitler did to Germans in the 1930s.

You cannot come now crying about rights when you enacted laws that eliminated several sections of the Bill of Rights, neutered several others and then got rid of Posse Comitatus. Where were you patriotic rights defenders when it was passed that not only can people be held without charges, without contact and without representation forever but under the President’s call that you are a ‘unlawful combatant?’ This isn’t just for brown people and Muslims, it’s been used hundreds of times against Americans for normal everyday crimes.

Those super powers that Bush and co. passed are now in the hands of someone you don’t like Republicans. Stings doesn’t it? Those of us who are awake and know that Republicans and Democrats are different color dresses on the same pigs were trying to tell you this before. We were branded as crazy and conspiratorial. Not looking so crazy now are we? Oh no, they are trampling our rights and they don’ t want our voices to be heard. Welcome to the real world bitches!

Also of note is the greatly inflated reports of the fine you receive if you refuse to answer any census questions. ‘It could be up to $5000!’ Wrong. The max fine for refusing to answer is $100 and it has been levied very very few times in the past. That doesn’t mean they won’t be handing out tickets left and right this time, but media reports as well as the census workers try to intimidate people into answering with these threats. The law reads very clear. You refuse: $100. You answer but lie: $500. A census worker uses your info ‘inappropriately’: $5000 plus maybe some time.

You do not have to answer these questions. Don’t lie, just refuse. The government doesn’t need to know how much you make, how much your mortgage is, what time you go to work (yes that’s on there…doesn’t that sound like a thief casing the joint?) or what kind of power you use. They already know most of that. Hell, they listen to everything we say on the phone already and remember Republicans, you supported this and also immunity for the companies that helped the government break the law!

So in short, when the census takers come around tell them how many live there (as authorized in the Constitution) and tell them to stuff the rest. Don’t bow down to their intimidation and lies. They can suck it.

And Republicans, shut the hell up about your damaged liberties. Your boy is the one that laid the groundwork for this all to happen.

Punishment fits the crime?

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A single  mother has been ordered by the court to pay $80,000 per song downloaded over peer to peer networks.

She now owes $1.92 million dollars for 24 songs she downloaded and shared. I am not going to argue that it was not illegal nor that it was right, but how ridiculous is the punishment? She, like everyone else sued, was offered to settle out of court for between $3000-$5000. This is just shakedown money, the money folks pay just to make it all go away. This amount is way too high as well. Something like 500 billion percent (math is hard.) She stole $24 worth of songs (standard 99 cents a song) of which the producers make something like 60 to 70 cents. Even with a ‘you did something really bad’ upcharge there, what would be a reasonable fine? Maybe $500 at most. But nearly 2 million? That is absurd.

This is another fine example of a special interest group getting the government to assist them in creating a revenue stream literally at gunpoint (the cops that came to arrest her had guns.) From auto insurance to even dentists (if you ignore notes from your kids’ school about dental care, they will eventually send DFS to get you and take them away.) Now these are all good idea things, car insurance is something you should want anyway and kids need to go to dentists. The RIAA’s outrageous fine system is just another level of stupidity.

The woman from this story obviously cannot pay $2 million, even if she paid her entire life. Not many could. I wouldn’t be able to spring for the $5000 to settle even. Here’s what you do. If you get busted, don’t settle. Make them prove it in court, spend a ton of money on lawyers and just represent yourself…there’s no reason to try to stop a steam roller with a toothpick. Make them spend money and effort to end up receiving $20 a month for ever and never getting anything near what they were awarded. Maybe claim bankruptcy let them dangle (don’t really take any of this for actual legal advice, I am sure there are loopholes that still screw us on it.)

Maybe the will finally see the futility of all this expense and time and stop going after the little people. Maybe they can *gasp* adapt to the new age and figure out how to live in the digital world like the rest of us. A successful defense on this wouldn’t be ‘I didn’t know it was bad’ or ‘it wasn’t me.’ Those don’t work. But maybe, eventually, someone can field a win with ‘The punishment is SO out of whack with reality…here’s the $24 and another $200 for the damages if someone else downloaded from me.’

Fuck the RIAA!

Obama: the TV star

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The current hubbub of Obama’s ABC broadcast highlights one of the more peculiar aspects of the new president’s administration: his love of being on television. Since being elected, Obama has probably appeared on more television shows than all previous presidents combined. NBC’s special reports from the White House (complete with Brian Williams bowing to him,) a Jay Leno appearance here, Conan O’ Brien, the Colbert Report and so on.

You know things are bad when some of your most ardent supporters even question your actions. Bill Maher even said this week (paraphrasing) ‘John McCain was right…Obama is a Hollywood elitist.’ Maher has finally let go (a bit late I think) of his ‘he’s not been in long enough to do anything’ rhetoric and said the same thing I have been saying: How about staying off the television and get something done?

The change everyone seemed to be asking for has been nothing but more of the same. Corporate welfare, increasing government take over of businesses, increasing powers given to the banking system that controls that government. We are going to close Gitmo, there’s progress right? Oh, but no one wants to house the ‘terrorists’ that are there. One news report even said ‘where can we keep them once they are tried and found not-guilty?’ Uhm, I dunno  maybe let them go? The couple of folks that have been let go are now enjoying a nice vacation in Bermuda, which pissed off the Brits to no end.

We have a system of laws, trials and rights that have worked for 200 years, these terror suspects can operate under those same laws. They can be railroaded just the same as poor people in this country have been for those 200 years. Cheney has suggested that if we cannot move them, then we should kill them. This was supposed to read as ‘Obama has no other choice than to let Gitmo remain open’ but I bet he really just meant ‘Let’s just kill these bastards and move on. Problem solved!’

Since we have imprisoned these people, mistreated and tortured them, if they were not terrorists before, they certainly will be now. The arrogant nature of our Empire building and holy war have made us into the perfect terror factory. The real terrorists (used loosely) were made by us already. We trained, armed and radicalized these folks to help us fight our last bad guys , the dirty Commies, back in the 80s. Neocon types will say ‘that’s anti-American talk! Take that back you dirty left wing terror sympathizer!’ It’s not anti-American, it’s just truthful. I don’t want terrorists to attack us, quite the opposite. I will however point out that in order to help make that stop, maybe we should stop torturing ‘their people’ and you know, stop trying to wipe them off the planet.

But back to my main point, what change, other than lots of comedic cameos , have we gotten from our new administration? None, that’s what. Our economy is still in the toitey and getting worse, we are still in Iraq and we are even trying to inflate Afghanistan, people that speak ill of the president or his policies are being arrested, gas prices are on the rise again, food is still expensive poison, the drumbeat of a ‘new world order’ pounds on, people are losing their jobs and homes more and more, we own huge portions of automakers now and no one can buy one of those overpriced crappy cars still… nothing has changed, nothing is better.

What will it take to make people realize

Whether you want to acknowledge that 9/11 was an inside job meant to terrorize the people and justify further erosion of liberties, that there is a world elite that wants to kill the majority of us, that there is no real choice in elections, or even if JFK was killed by one lone nut it should be very clear that what we are doing, how we are going, is not working for us.