Demonization Continues and the (False) Religion of Truth

The latest ‘wild guman‘ attack will be used as a furtherance of the ‘no one can be trusted with guns’ argument. Several recent violent acts have been linked , justly or not, to the ‘right wing conspiracy theorists.’ Attackers have been linked to infowars and other online sites that specialize in the ‘Patriot Movement.’ This has a two-pronged effect for the way the national script is running right now.

First it is all part of the ramping up of fear mongering media pushes to make the general person think that no one in the country should be able to own a gun. Looking back at the statistics (look here, but you will have to dig around to see it all put together) it is clear that not only do the media report on school violence more during ‘Democratic control’ but it actually happens more on their watch. The last wave of school shootings (and fear mongering of domestic terrorists) was high during the Clinton era, which directly led to the assault weapon ban being passed. When the GOP took control of the national dialogue with it’s idiot savant Bush, school shootings (as well as domestic terrorist fears) dropped to almost zero. We were too busy fighting the Taliban boogeymen and of course the second amendment is one of the GOP’s campaign hooks. They don’t really support it, but they don’t make a loud vocal opposition to it like the Democrats do. It really does beg the question why actual public events happen to further the current political parties aims over and over through history. The Dems wanted to ban guns so when it’s their turn, gun violence goes on an upswing. When the GOP has a say, we end up in Middle Eastern wars to benefit big business, the Religious Right and weapons sales.  Convenience like this is beyond comprehension.

Secondly, it allows for the media to have their cake and eat it too. With the GOP co-opting parts of the ‘truth movement’ ideals (mostly thanks to Ron Paul) the media and the Democrat talking heads can now lump virtually all the truth movement into one large, dismiss-able group. In the minds of the mass populace, people that question 9/11 for instance are now lumped into the same group that wants to audit the Fed. No matter that the Audit the Fed push has large bi-partisan backing at this early stage it will be easy to dismiss as ‘fantasy’ to the mainstream. The very same Conservative pundits that slandered Ron Paul and mocked and attacked truthers now are intertwined in the same circles of their own doing. Most clear headed ‘truthers’ now realize that the majority of the Patriot Movement and Ron Paul and so on and so forth were, from the beginning, part of a controlled opposition meant to get those with critical thinking skill to see through the lies signed up and on a list.

Truth, or the Patriot Movement, is now a religion. It has a set of dogma and beliefs that is accepted as fact (without independent study) and it’s leaders come on television and radio begging for money to futher the movement. We have our (self described) top man at the helm, Alex Jones, as ego-maniacal and greedy as ANY classic televangelist. It is painfully obvious to clear thinking individuals that it is all a sham. Not all the information necessarily, but a lot of it.

During the Swine Flu panic, the illustrious Jones took to the airwaves in ‘special reports’ on off hours for him to spread the panic. Callers from Mexico (sounding suspiciously American) spoke of how terrible it was there, with upwards of 90% of Mexico City infected, hospitals overflowing and so on. Alex fanned these flames and added to them. He also made sure he said at the same time that maybe it isn’t as bad as they were saying. The doctors that were guests at the time spun tales of designer diseases, worldwide pandemic (with Alex always saying we were actually one level higher than publicly stated citing documents that never materialized) but all the while it was ‘maybe it’s not that bad.’

After a week of overwhelmingly pounding the fear button, Alex proudly (and still does) came on the air and said “We told you all along that this wasn’t as bad as they were saying and the MSM just wanted to scare you.’ Even people that listen everyday actually fell for this! It certainly is easy to predict the future if you foretell it both ways and then forget the part where you were 100% wrong. Sadly, too many still drink this particular flavor of Kool-aid and forget the wrong part too.

Josh Reeves, of Oracle Broadcasting, has recently shipped his new film ‘The Secret Right‘ which details the ‘Right Wing’ end of the overall NWO. This happens to be many of the same people touted by the leaders of the ‘Patriot Movement’ and shows just how the tentacles of confirmed NWO persons reach right into the very same people that the Patriot Movement trots out as ‘awakened insiders’ all the time.

I know that Alex Jones shook many of you awake, but if you didn’t learn to question everything, to study on your own and use your critical thinking…then you haven’t truly awoke. Otherwise, you would see Alex Jones for the scam he is.

2 Responses to “Demonization Continues and the (False) Religion of Truth”

  1. hazelgreen1977 Says:


  2. There is hardly an aspect of anything not co-opted by the NWO. Whether it is the patriot movement, churches, food, schools, government, it is all sparkling with the promise of a unified world.
    I find that asking, “who benefits?” is always good to ask. Follow the chain.
    By the way, notice how fat Alex looks these days? Hahahah! Someone is paying for all of the corn dogs this guy must be eating.

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