Alex Jones: The Patriot Pope

Let me say this right up front. Alex Jones helped wake me up. I have said good things about his films and his work on this very blog going back a ways. He has in the past given some good info and still does. It is getting harder and harder to sift through his outright lies and fear mongering these days however.

It has been pointed out that he continues to have guests that are past or present Council for National Policy members, which also has cross member with a group he acknowledges is part of the global elite, the Council on Foreign Relations. The tales of his back stabbing and muck racking within the Patriot community are legendary. He constantly threatens litigation with any one that dares speak anything ill of him.

None of that compares with the amount of outright fear mongering he participates in. For instance, the infamous Dec 31, 1999 broadcasts where he announced that Russian missiles were in the air, nuclear facilities were shutting down and just generally adding to the apprehension of the day. It should also be pointed out that Alex Jones’ audience, especially back then, was exactly the groups of people that were most afraid of ‘the impending calamity.’

Well, that was a decade ago, right? He surely doesn’t do that anymore!


During the great swine flu panic of ’09, Alex took to the airwaves on a special off hours ’emergency transmission’ to get reports out of Mexico to his listeners. While Alex constantly threw in phrases such as ‘this might all be greatly inflated just to scare us’ he spent the next week pounding into his listeners how terrible the swine flu was. It was being under reported, the infection rate was closer to 70%, it had a 90% fatality rate, bodies were lining the halls of the Mexico City hospitals and so on. I should also like to point out that several of the callers that were supposed to be Mexican nationals calling in, sounded ….well…..very un-ethnic. They all spoke VERY good English and had no accent at all. It was a calculated call on his part. You either have someone doing a Mexican accent, which to his target audience (fearful white people with racist tendencies) would make the calls seem less truthful in their minds or to have someone speaking ‘like they do’ and explain the good English away as ‘this guy is just an educated and rich Mexican.’

Alex also said that the actual level of pandemic was one level higher than we were being told publicly and he said he knew this based on a secret memo he had obtained. He spoke of this throughout the ‘crisis’ and he was the only outlet reporting it. He also never produced said document. As one that has stated many times ‘check the documents to see I’m right’ this one he never intended on showing to anyone. Alex’s defenders (aka sheep) will explain this away as ‘but it wasn’t legal for him to have that paper therefore he couldn’t show it!’ I say to thee: BULLSHIT!

The self proclaimed ‘tip of the spear’ of the Patriot movement would have been busy calling CNN, CBS, FOX, MSNBC etc… if he had obtained a document of that nature and that potentially explosive. That would certainly be a feather in the cap of a self-promoter such as him. The MSM would have snapped that up as well, being as they were extremely complicit in the whole scare-the-public game of it all. Alex would still be patting himself on the back on air everyday if he were to be able to say he broke something that big and scooped the MSM.

Listening to Alex Jones these days, even more so than ever before, is like listening to a preacher. He is preaching the new religion of Truth. He is quite comfortable in being this new religion’s Pope. He will be the first to tell you that he is the top of the game, the leader of all Patriots and truth seekers. He is either running money bombs for himself (since his last money bomb didn’t allow him to get any of his stated goals done, they remain the same this year) or constantly pimping out ads for the shadiest products. I personally emailed them a long time ago about an ad they run on their website (where the ads are disguised as regular content links…it in itself a shitty way to do business) and pointed out that it was a ripoff and only hurt the credibility of the information. It was ignored. Too much money and besides, hurting his own credibility is obviously not a concern of his.

The IFC New World Order documentary deals a serious blow his credibility (the whole movement’s) and if it had been a chopped up smear job that would be one thing. The problem is that it did a pretty good job of showing how he is. That’s just the way he is. He is that puerile, egotistical and self-inflammatory. There are shots of him trying to goad the police into giving him a hard time of filming, and they are just hanging around. Even some guy riding a bicycle is some sort of secret service agent following them. It all might be funny if weren’t so sad really.

Like in bad old days when televangelists were at their peak, you would hear of people who didn’t have anything to spare anyway still giving to their church, you can see the same thing happening with the money bombs. There are many posts out there on his site saying ‘I am on disability but even I gave $25 that I couldn’t afford so Alex could expand his operations.’ Your Patriot Pope takes that money with a grin on his face and then prepares to sell you more fear and disinformation.

Another problem these days is if you post anything on the infowars site that is critical of Jones or his money bomb pleas, it gets taken down almost immediately. I have personally put posts there and have seen them not survive one refresh of the page. They disappear literally in seconds. Several others have had this happen to them as well. Either there is a word filter that hunts for phrases like ‘Council for National Policy’ or “New Years 1999” or one of his employees actually scans posts as they are put in and takes them out. This is rather humorous coming from someone that complains about the censoring of anyone that disagrees with politicians. You would think that a supposed champion of free speech would have a hide thick enough to tolerate someone calling him out for hypocrisy. These posts had no cursing, no slander, only asking questions about his ties to known global elitists and their mouthpieces. There can be only one conclusion: Alex Jones is a controlled opposition global elite mouthpiece himself.


One Response to “Alex Jones: The Patriot Pope”

  1. … or a greedy, angry man. I see him being the bully in grade school, “Give me all your lunch money, chump!”.

    I have been “wronged” by AJ as well, who revealed his true colors to me very early on. He is bad news, and it is unfortunate that so many “patriots” turn to him for their information.

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