Obama: the TV star

The current hubbub of Obama’s ABC broadcast highlights one of the more peculiar aspects of the new president’s administration: his love of being on television. Since being elected, Obama has probably appeared on more television shows than all previous presidents combined. NBC’s special reports from the White House (complete with Brian Williams bowing to him,) a Jay Leno appearance here, Conan O’ Brien, the Colbert Report and so on.

You know things are bad when some of your most ardent supporters even question your actions. Bill Maher even said this week (paraphrasing) ‘John McCain was right…Obama is a Hollywood elitist.’ Maher has finally let go (a bit late I think) of his ‘he’s not been in long enough to do anything’ rhetoric and said the same thing I have been saying: How about staying off the television and get something done?

The change everyone seemed to be asking for has been nothing but more of the same. Corporate welfare, increasing government take over of businesses, increasing powers given to the banking system that controls that government. We are going to close Gitmo, there’s progress right? Oh, but no one wants to house the ‘terrorists’ that are there. One news report even said ‘where can we keep them once they are tried and found not-guilty?’ Uhm, I dunno  maybe let them go? The couple of folks that have been let go are now enjoying a nice vacation in Bermuda, which pissed off the Brits to no end.

We have a system of laws, trials and rights that have worked for 200 years, these terror suspects can operate under those same laws. They can be railroaded just the same as poor people in this country have been for those 200 years. Cheney has suggested that if we cannot move them, then we should kill them. This was supposed to read as ‘Obama has no other choice than to let Gitmo remain open’ but I bet he really just meant ‘Let’s just kill these bastards and move on. Problem solved!’

Since we have imprisoned these people, mistreated and tortured them, if they were not terrorists before, they certainly will be now. The arrogant nature of our Empire building and holy war have made us into the perfect terror factory. The real terrorists (used loosely) were made by us already. We trained, armed and radicalized these folks to help us fight our last bad guys , the dirty Commies, back in the 80s. Neocon types will say ‘that’s anti-American talk! Take that back you dirty left wing terror sympathizer!’ It’s not anti-American, it’s just truthful. I don’t want terrorists to attack us, quite the opposite. I will however point out that in order to help make that stop, maybe we should stop torturing ‘their people’ and you know, stop trying to wipe them off the planet.

But back to my main point, what change, other than lots of comedic cameos , have we gotten from our new administration? None, that’s what. Our economy is still in the toitey and getting worse, we are still in Iraq and we are even trying to inflate Afghanistan, people that speak ill of the president or his policies are being arrested, gas prices are on the rise again, food is still expensive poison, the drumbeat of a ‘new world order’ pounds on, people are losing their jobs and homes more and more, we own huge portions of automakers now and no one can buy one of those overpriced crappy cars still… nothing has changed, nothing is better.

What will it take to make people realize

Whether you want to acknowledge that 9/11 was an inside job meant to terrorize the people and justify further erosion of liberties, that there is a world elite that wants to kill the majority of us, that there is no real choice in elections, or even if JFK was killed by one lone nut it should be very clear that what we are doing, how we are going, is not working for us.

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