Cap and Trade…how is it going to help?

Ok, so I am no environmental scientist nor an economist, but I cannot see how this whole system of cap and trade (being passed today ) is going to help the environment. Now I am no GOP denier of the ill effects of our pollution to the world not am I an Al Gore doomsday seer that wants to eliminate such harmful gasses as carbon dioxide from the planet totally (that’s what we exhale by the way…so to do that every living animal on the planet needs to die.)

As I understand it, everyone gets a certain amount of pollution credits that allows them to ‘pollute.’ If you run out then you need to buy more credits in order to continue to do it. This means whatever you are producing that is making that pollution costs are going to go up. That means the consumer will pay more for it. Companies aren’t going to pollute less, they just have to pay more to do it (and therefore make consumers pay for it in higher prices.)

Pollution won’t be any less, it will just generate new streams of money to trickle up to the elite. It’s another fine example of getting us to pay for our own demise. Until or unless money is spent on actually discovering cleaner fuels or more efficient fuels (which the oil companies have paid to make disappear for over a hundred years now) nothing is going to help. Pollution will continue to poison the planet (although probably not as much as the real tree-huggers say it is) everything costs more and the elite get to laugh all the way to the bank with more of our money.

Thanks Al.


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