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A slice of wisdom in a sea of disinformation

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Finally, an interview with someone apparently not on the take from Big Pharma and or government fear mongers about the H1N1 (swine flu.)

To sum up, swine flu is NOT particularly dangerous, it’s being well over blown by media and government organizations and still the best defense against germs is good old hygiene. Remember this the next time government mouthpiece Alex Jones is banging the swine flu fear drums (which will be ratcheting up in the fall again.) Alex will certainly pick back up the BE AFRAID rhetoric that he started out with during the last scare, only to end up editing it that he told you from the beginning that it might just be a scare tactic, after stating on the air that he was going to hole up in his office until it blew over and send his family away to lock-down somewhere. Fear is what he sells best (besides water filters and gold) and he will soon have more specials on the swine flu variety.


More for the ‘How much more obvious can it get’ file

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An Obama appointed Justice Department official kills the case against Black Panther’s intimidating at the polls. I know, lack of evidence, despite video tape showing it. It was talked about back in November, and tried to quietly die but some one (read sore-ass Republicans) was keeping an eye on it. Sorry we dismissed your little Black Panther party…

A famous (in New Jersey anyway) political consultant involved in the wide corruption case in Jersey found dead in his home. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Surely this was an accidental overdose or otherwise natural, no-one-else-involved death. Come on guys, get real. This article might as well have said one of the corrupt Jersey guys was silenced before he spilled some big beans. Money laundering and $10k here and there is just business as usual in state level politics. This guy knew something about something big and was deemed a potential leak risk.

Racist talk show host outed as an FBI informant. Hal Turner was outed as being on the FBI payroll all the while trying to incite domestic terrorism and murder of judges. Time and time again, the feds are shown to be right in the middle of these ‘terrorist’ groups and pushing for violence. The COINTELPRO program still running high gear.

US Northcomm gearing up for major swine flu ‘response.’  I especially love the use of “execution order” in that article. How telling that is. I know, that’s what orders read like, but it’s the tone of the article. That term is being used here on purpose to elicit a response. Professional writers know how to write things that invoke feelings or tones and the public falls for it every time.

It continues to amaze me the brazen ways the elite broadcast their plans, either before or after they happen. They must think that everyone is either stupid, naive or apathetic. Truth be told, all three are correct for the majority of the world. For those that are awake and know how to read the news, to think rather than allow input, it is blatantly obvious. It really takes effort to remain ignorant of the real picture when this much stuff is validated on a daily basis. What is it going to take for the majority of people that already know what’s going on to stop saying to themselves ‘Yeah, it’s all bad and corrupt but what good can I do? There’s no stopping it, so I might as well just roll over and take it?’

I thought it might happen when the looting during the bailout was happening. Outright robbery and laughing about it on tv should have been the wake up call. Sadly, that did not happen. Not to a degree that would make a difference anyway. We are the ants people, there are way many more of us than there are of them.

UK/US to open talks with Taliban (again)

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I am sure the conservative talking heads will jump all over this as ‘Obama is consorting with the enemy! Told you so!’

Problem is, the Republicans were doing this literally months before 9/11. Members of the Taliban were in Texas, making misogynist comments and taking huge bribes from Enron since the late 90’s while W. was governor of Texas. You see, they were trying to get a pipeline built from Afghanistan to the gulf so we could more easily import their oil. At various points in the negotiations (that started in 1996) the Taliban asked for more money, more concessions and the deal never really got going. Unocal, Enron and others kept paying to try to get the pipeline approved but it never got going. Here is a good site that has a time line for these sorts of events.

Besides this being a case of the kettle calling the President black, it’s a good look at the mindset that many now have in the country. Instead of talking with ‘enemies’ , which is interpreted as anyone not kissing our asses, the idea is to nuke them all. Never mind diplomacy, our boys and girls are cheap and willing to be sacrificed on the altar of American Imperialism. We honor the troops and support them but are certainly willing to let thousands of them die due to faulty intelligence, oil prices, homeland security and crusading on behalf of God himself. Let’s stop pretending that a large portion of our ‘war on terror’ is not a very thinly veiled modern Crusade, intent on eradicating those hateful extremist Muslims that want to kill us all.

Roughly half of the country approves the use of torture as a law enforcement technique and war strategy. The “ticking time bomb” scenario is always brought up as an example of why torture is necessary. In the unlikely event that something out of 24 actually happens in real life, torture would be used (as it has been in the past by every country on Earth) but not made public. The U.S. has (and still does) use torture, biological warfare, assassinations, election tampering, installation of puppet governments etc… all over the world. It’s not right, but at least they had the decency to cover it up (poorly in most cases) in the past but these days they are loud and proud of it. The same people that say that allegations that we supported Hussein when he was rising to power are total nonsense (despite photographic evidence) and that blow-back of from the meddling in the area’s affairs has not contributed to the actual hatred of people in that part of the world towards America are the very same ones that go on television and defend the choice of torture in the ear on terror.

Remember a time when America didn’t stoop the level of our enemies? Remember when America was the shining beacon of democracy and goodness in the world? I know, it’s never really been that way, but at the pretense of it was worked at. Now we are openly corrupt, blood thirsty and ….well….evil. Wingnuts will say ‘How dare you speak of American like that! You hate America! Get out!’

To them I say ‘You support torture and terrorism as tools of foreign policy. You openly proclaim that you want our President to fail. You openly support the wholesale killing of Muslims. Who is the hater here? Who by words and deeds trample the Constitution, the very document that this country is supposed to be great because? You get out you hateful evil pricks!’

p.s. Please do not take my ‘You want the President to fail’ as an endorsement of Obama. It certainly is not. I actually DO want the President to fail since all he is doing is playing his part in the same script everyone else uses. Problem is that he most likely will not.

If we are going to get ‘free medical care’ how ’bout dental too?

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If ‘Obamacare’ is inevitable, I hope it includes dental too. If you are upset at how little (or at all) your medical plans pay on health care costs, you should look at dental plans. Most dental plans suck.

Every dental plan I have ever seen, one must wait a year before receiving any benefits outside of a checkup and cleaning and even after that year, the covered costs are rather small compared to the entire bill. Don’t even ask about things like braces. Normally orthodontics is added as an expensive rider that requires at least a year ( I have seen plans that make you wait 2 years) to even get a paltry percentage of braces covered.

If you have a medical emergency, anyone can go to an ER and receive care and the costs are figured out later, after treatment. If you have a dental emergency, you hope you can get into a dentist in the next few days and you better have cash up front to have anything done and none of it is cheap.

I an not against national health care conceptually, there are ways to make it work, but the current plan is just absurd. No one but the most ardent Republican kool-aid drinkers (or those in the higher ranks of health care) will or can argue that the way our health system works now isn’t horribly broken, but the plans in works now won’t fix anything. The current plan only adds layers of more possible fraud and more opportunities to deny people care they need. Health care is just like the financial crisis, we see ourselves going over a waterfall and official action only paddles us there faster. Hopefully this time they will at least add dental to our sinking ship.

Jury of your peers pt II

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It still amazes me the amount of stupidity displayed by people on the internet. I know, what else is new, but it’s really staggering sometimes. Remember, these people are some of the more schooled and intelligent folks we have. It’s getting easier all the time to use the internet, but think of the ones that can’t even do that. The types that listen to the folks posting like they are great thinkers. If you are on trial, these people would be the jury of your peers.

*Taken from all around the web, some snipped for length. Original posters, sites and stories not shown, but much of it is about the health care debates this time*

  • obama don’t know nothing but to read meaningless words off flashcards.
    TORT REFORM TORT REFORM,put your foney croneyies out of business obama and healthcare costs will come down 40%-60%
  • Please sign the petition at   ed. yep  that’s the whole message
  • does it really matter if he read it or not? I mean he is a really busy guy and it is a lot of words to read, is it not? the people need the health care and the peoples voted for him to change stuff, right? So what be the problem when he does what he elected to do and that be change stuff. I mean look at how much bush lied. He did not even try to help us and change things. I support our president. He is trying real hard. We can afford to pay for this health care bill also, are we americans not the most wealthy peoples in the world�duh ..yes we are so I think we can afford it.
  • BO’s plan is very scary for seniors!The actress Natasha Richardson died after falling skiing in Canada . It took eight hours to drive her to a hospital. If Canada had our healthcare she might be alive today. We now have helicopters that would have gotten her to the hospital in 30 minutes. Obama wants to have our healthcare like Canada and England .
  • Religious founding:Christian nation. Everyone else OUT!I’m pretty sure it is in the constitution.
  • We need to legalize pristiution and tax the hell out of it. At least then a stimulus would actually feel good 🙂
  • The economic collapse was inevitable, the trigger really didn’t matter but “fed hawks” had nothing to do with it, the US govt intentionally cratered the global economy to “punish Russia” over Georgia.
  • Come on, surely its time for all to realise that the fat cats need to share theyre milk.
    Specially the fat cat religions that own most of ireland and still are tax exempt!!!
    Bring it on

Ok, maybe that last guy was a Briton. Still, it is both funny and scary at the same time.

update: had to add this genius posting…a talkback about some 9/11 video

Its A God Damn Shame to use the unfortunate events of this country as anything other than that.People who blame their own country for such scenarios as “New world order” are consider traders.This country provides the freedome you are lucky enough to poses, in other countries if you were caught speaking so freely about your land you would be murdered. New world order is being takin outta context, you obviously are not bright enough to get a handle on that. i should remind you that you are fuckin lucky to be an American.its people like you who believe in this shit that make living in america a scary place. when u lay your head down in the comfort of your home remeber where you are lucky enough to be. and when you are able to fullfill your hunger and thirst remember that what you are resisting is providing you shelter and peace of mind enough to have the thoughts that you have. god bless america .

Man Disses Telemarketers, charged as Terrorist

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The defenders of the Patriot Act powers always say that the Constitution-killing rules are only used to combat foreign terrorists. The Democrats will say that they are to be used on ‘Domestic Terrorists’ as well.

It appears that if you go off on a telemarketer, you are now a terrorist.

Yes, you can’t give death threats to even the lowliest of creations, i.e. telemarketers, but ‘terroristic threats?’ 4 years in prison? The article even describes how this particular company has already been cited and sued in the past for deceptive business practices, and you can bet they will pursue the charges as far as they will go (since it has been done to them in the past…and for good reason it seems) and this man who did nothing that the rest of us would like to do will become a felon.

It does not appear that Patriot Act items are being used in this case, just good old American justice system tactics, but it’s all part of the conditioning to accept the word terrorist being identified with normal criminal behaviour and even less than well thought out acts. The man did commit a crime by issuing death threats, although ones that could not necessarily been taken as actionable. The media does their part in sending the message of ‘piss someone off on the telephone and you will be charged as a terrorist.’ The whole bullying thought crime bill opens the door wide open on this. Call someone a jackass in traffic and you will be held as a terrorist and a bully.

Don’t be part of the half of the population that thinks that this is a good idea. Don’t be part of the other half that don’t care. Be part of the tiny (but growing) number of people that realize that neither political party want to help the people. They want to help themselves, their corporate sponsors and the progression of the New World Order that imprisons people for words and thought.

Army report claims no connection between war stress and violence back home

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The ‘Carson Report’ released Wednesday puts forth the claim that war trauma and stress has no link to increased violence or suicides by soldiers coming back from the Iraq war. This has to be one of the most blatant WTF moments lately.

Soldiers seeing innocents gunned down, detainees tortured and their buddies getting horrifically killed or disfigured have nothing to do with what they do when they come back home. The report is chock full of findings that this is absolute BS but even after reading the report, Army officials say there is no link.

Remember back during the Bush years it was treasonous to say something to the effect of ‘Support our Troops, Bring Them Home?’ This is a testament to how true those words really are. To not want our boys and girls to be blown to bits , have to blow some other kids to bits or otherwise be ruined for life is not an un-Patriotic thing, it’s just the human thing to desire. Sacrificing our children to an Empire-building war for profit is not a Pro-American ideal. It’s often said that our military is great because it is an all volunteer force, but it really isn’t.

We have a de-facto economic draft in this country. The majority of people serving got in due to the wrecked domestic economy and job outlook. If your parents can’t pay for college, you don’t get a scholarship, then you join the military for schooling and a career later. The problem is they don’t tell you that it’s very difficult to get school while enlisted and when you get out, the money they are giving you is no where near what a college education costs. Not that it would do you any good, everyone knows that there are plenty of college grads sitting around with no jobs or working at McDonalds because there are no jobs for them. They have been shipped overseas by greedy corporations looking to increase their margin, assisted by insane government rules that make that option much more attractive or the inability to find suitably trained employees because the public indoctrination school system has made monkeys just smart enough to push the button for their bananas.

Now we have a bunch of returning vets, who did what they were told by criminals, that are psychologically damaged and hooked on various pharmaceuticals for suicide or depression (with side effects being suicide/depression) or alcoholics. The gun laws are already rolling out to make sure Vets do not have legal access to firearms (a CLASSIC example of problem:reaction:solution) because they were made insane by doing the jobs no one else would. The very people that are highly trained with firearms and served their time ‘protecting the rights of Americans’ are having their right stripped away. I guess if a corrupt government wanted to make sure that people that knew how to use them and defend against tyranny did not have guns, this is an ideal way to go about doing that.

Besides, everyone knows that heavy metal music, movies and video games are what cause violence right?

Here is a good Salon article on all this as well