Alex Jones Jumps Shark

Talk to any ‘truther’ and one thing that should be very clear is the media’s role in directing global dialogue. When important things are happening, the media relegates that story (if it even acknowledges it) to something on the back page while Paris Hilton’s latest vaginal showing receives top billing. Even if you have a modicum of critical thinking skills, you can see what a sham the media really is.

It is with this knowing that ‘truthers’ again point out that people need to stop following the normal 24 hour news cycle and start asking real questions and doing their own research. At the very least, listen to alternative media and try to see what’s really going on. Problem is, they can’t even do that anymore.

Alex Jones is the (and self proclaimed) king of alternative media. In the past he has had ‘celebrities’ such as Charlie Sheen, Rosie ‘O Donnell (although I don’t really think he had her on but he rode the coattails of it for sure) and Willie Nelson come out publicly about 9/11 truth and general New World Order awareness. I understand this to a point, when trying to reach a celebrity obsessed culture, have some celebs in your corner. The problem here is that all these ‘big celebrities’ were dismissed before they even opened their mouths. You know you have a problem when your most reputable celeb you have is a tax-dodging pot smoker. I like Willie and have no problems with either tax dodging or pot smoking but in the general public eye this is what it is. A known philanderer and a visibly insane lesbian are not going to help the cause either.

But that was a long time ago right? Sorry…

Yesterday (June 30th,) Alex scored another of his giant celebrity guests when Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag came onto his show decrying the implantable¬† microchip that they discovered as being important when trying to get into nightclubs. Sigh. It’s not that it’s not an evil thing they are pointing out here, the microchips are indeed bad and it’s something that everyone has been talking about for a long time but Speidi? Really?

This is probably the most counterproductive move I have ever seen. Protip: If you want to give something credibility, don’t have Spencer Pratt try to do that for you. They are currently the top ‘it’ thing for the paparazzi minded public and even with the stupid general populace, they are widely regarded as complete wastes of flesh. They are useless fame-hungry idiots. Alex, wanting to play big time celebrity himself, has shown that he will trumpet anyone no matter the end result to the cause to further his own bank account and ‘big cheesiness.’

Jones is becoming more and more exposed with each passing day. His excuse to the backlash that this is going to generate will be ‘they are just jealous because I get big guests.’ No, we really are not. If I wanted to help expose something, to help prove my case, these would be the last two people I would get to do it. This is tantamount to having a court case and calling in a mentally-deficient blind hooker to identify the killer. Sure it will sell papers, but it won’t help you win the case. It will make you look like an idiot to the jury.

If Alex Jones truly is fighting the good fight and really cares about people waking up and becoming aware, he would use his platform better than he does. He trots out ludicrous celebrity guests, clearly compromised experts (see The Secret Right by Josh Reeves,) gives himself mini-telethons, pimps out the most shady products, and uses every opportunity to make himself look like a raging lunatic. He threatens and sues other movement figures and promotes fear even more so than the mainstream media or Bush administration did.

Best case scenario, Alex Jones is a greedy media whore. More likely, a controlled opposition frontman, collecting your information and money and laughing as he sells out exactly the people he pretends to want to help.


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