Obama takes the mask off

If you are one of the remaining sad folks still holding out that ‘Obama IS going to change things and make them better!’ your days of mindless acceptance are over. As has been stated by various underlings for months now, the White House has said that even if terror suspects from Gitmo are aqquited in the courts, they will not be released.

Let me say that slower for you… if…suspects…are…found….not guilty….they….will….not…be…released.

Think to yourself for a moment, what are some of the most basic foundational aspects of our legal system.

Innocent until proven guilty. This one has seriously eroded and works the opposite for the most part now.

A jury of your peers. Well, that’s just scary as hell isn’t it? About half of the population now actually support torture as a law enforcement tactic. How sick is that?

A quick and speedy trial. Remember even a fast tracked trial like O.J.? Took years.

Access to legal representation, even if you have no money. Not for ‘unlawful enemy combatants.’ Or anyone else charged under the Patriot Act Powers which states that an act of terrorism is anything that is against the law.

Telling you what you are suspected of doing and having formal charges pressed against you. Again,  you can be held forever under the way it works now without having charges pressed or even being told why you are being held. I’m not making this up, it’s all in black in white in the Patriot Act and on display with every one of those in Gitmo and many here in the United States, including American citizens.

Found not guilty, you get to leave jail. Unless you have been coined an unlawful enemy combatant by one man. Then you may be held forever in case you might in the future break the law.

Also remember that in order for any of these ‘wartime’ policies to be in effect, if that’s the defense of the folks who ‘don’t want the terrorists to be released,’ which in itself a thinly veiled bit of racism, that would require a formal declaration of war by Congress. Congress has not officially declared war ,as REQUIRED by the Constitution, since World War II. Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Iraq (twice), Afghanistan and so on and on. Not once. The ‘war on terror’ can’t even get a declaration since it’s not against a single country, it’s against ideals (and a religion, but no one will actually come out and say that…even the super-Christian idiots.)

This is yet another flat out slap in the face of America, American Ideals and extremely basic Constitutional law. Under our current system, President Obama can decide that someone that says something negative about him (under the new hate crimes bill that outlaws ‘hurtful speech’ among various other playground-speed infractions) can be labeled an enemy combatant and a terrorist (because they broke a law, any law) and sent incommunicado to prison FOREVER with no trial, no access to a lawyer, not even being told what they did wrong. You say ‘he would never do that’ but the fact remains that the system that allows to do it exists and is being used today.

Obama kool-aid drinkers, you have nothing left to hide behind or stand on. Obama is here in full force, coupling outright socialist ideas with the extraordinary powers built up by his predecessors, especially the outright criminality of W. There should be no illusion of a 2 party system any longer.

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