Economy Nerfed! White House says ‘Working as Intended’

As folks that play on-line games know, this is the same thing said  every time when something is tried and turns out to be horribly broken. The stimulus plan is ‘working as intended.

If that truly is the case, then the stimulus plan was only ever intended to line the pockets of the already rich and do nothing at all for the rest of us. It’s not a question of being over confident or even being able to admit when a mistake was made, it’s rubbing our noses in it. The big ‘They’ are deliberately crashing our economy to help spur the always simmering class war in this country, in the world actually.

History shows, time and again, that empires are built for profit and then crashed for an even bigger profit. This plan is at least 2000 years old, probably older. If you are funding both sides of the game, you win no matter what happens. America was taken over by the monied interests that built and let fall the British Empire, Germany and Russia. It’s a shell game of global domination. We had our turn, the 1900s, and now it’s China’s century. This does not mean that China is going to rule the world, they will just become the next big bully on the block. The same white man money is funding their rise as they were leveraged into being able to use a financial nuclear option on us at any time. Again, the real owners of everything are the ones who end up smelling like roses because they own China as well.

I really thought that when it came down to this, the open looting of our entire country, enough people would realize it and get pissed off enough to do something, anything. Outside of a few rallies of a few thousand people and the ludicrous ‘Tea Bagger Parties’ that were co-opted into being more fake Republican spiel, no one is doing anything. No one is upset.  The people who we signed over $700 billion to come on television and literally laugh in our faces. Our new messiah President is going to give us change! Change in this case means continuing the exact same policies that further drive our economy into the ground and then tells us ‘it’s doing just what we wanted it to.’

Come on people? What is it going to take?


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