Obama’s AG going after Bush Regime? Not likely

We have new attempts at placating the loyal democrats that want to see the Bush regime’s war crimes and Constitution breaking legal interpretations prosecuted.

I’d give this about a half a snowball’s chance in hell of going anywhere.

Obama, along with the rest of the Democratic leadership have shown that unless it is to garner votes during an election, nothing will be done or said about abuses of power. Nancy Pelosi was taking impeachment off the table even before the mid-terms that first returned Congressional control (slightly) to the left and now that everything is fully under Dem control (except maybe the Supreme Court, but that’s being fixed as I write this) nothing will still be done.

With every passing day, Obama is showing that he endorsed and believes in the same criminality that his predecessors did. ‘The Bush administration was wrong to hold people forever’ and now here’s my new plan of holding people forever, even if they are cleared of charges!

Also, how nice would it be for Obama to throw his cousin to the wolves?

There is no 2 party system. There is only one party and they are all pulling for the good of the global elite, the ones that own this country and the majority of the rest of the world. The good ole days of royal bloodlines and manifest destiny are not gone, they never were. The world still revolves around them, folks. Why is it that all these ‘leaders’ are always related to one another? Bush and Kerry. Obama and Cheney. Clinton and Obama and a ton of other famous high level people. People with the same blood in their veins in high visibility positions in government, finance, entertainment, religion etc… they all seem to be related, however distantly. It’s not like going to a small town and everyone knows everyone else and every one is cousins it seems (especially in Arkansas …just joking,) it is the same ‘royal’ bloodlines being elevated (or at least not being de-elevated) throughout history. The same few families have ruled American politics for about the past 3o years, and even those families are connected to each other. It’s no different than before though. Think Roosevelts, Kennedys, Monroes…it’s always been the same.

Obama doesn’t want to indict anyone, that would set a precedent for the next person to do it to him, since he is using the same illegal procedures and ideas as Bush. This will all sit well with the Bush haters, and there are still a lot of them, but nothing is really going to happen with it. I sense imminent bud-nippage.


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