9/11 Get over it already

9/11. The event that has been so prevalent in our lives. It’s everywhere and it has certainly played a huge role in where we are today as a society. Thousands were killed that day and over a hundred thousand more already have died worldwide in response to it. It is a tragedy without compare. Well, almost without compare.

9/11 ‘theories’ have become a staple in the Internet diet. From Loose Change to Alex Jones to the September Clues no-planer crowd, there are hundreds of theories, scores of experts and thousands of answered questions. The official story has huge holes, many of the conspiracy theories have huge holes. Evidence is being withheld, the evidence available has many different and seemingly plausible interpretations. It has truly become this generation’s JFK.

Just like JFK, we will never know the real answers. Just like JFK, the video evidence is sometimes hinky, sometimes clear cut. It appears that conclusion A is the correct answer, except for X evidence to the contrary. The no planer crowd shows some plausible evidence that there are problems with the video record, but ignores the thousands of people on the streets that saw it happen. There’s still the outside chance that Project Bluebeam is working better than anyone can realize, but it doesn’t seem likely. Some arguments are straw men, easily knocked down even if you are Fox Mulder (I Want to Believe.)

Just like JFK, basic laws of physics were broken that plainly dispute the official line. Can not you imagine Kevin Costner saying ‘they fell in 10 seconds’ over and over like ‘back and to the left?’ It’s the physical impossibility of the energy required to pulverize concrete to dust during a free fall or a magic bullet that can turn 180 degrees in midair. It’s that same magic bullet that survives into evidence as clean as if it were shot into a bucket of water just like paper passports drifting to the ground to prove Islamic terrorist passengers were in the inferno above. It’s the litany of professional military and security people that had to all have completely fouled up the most basic aspects of their job in order for a lone gunman or a little sickly man hiding in a cave to achieve such a traumatic blow to the mightiest country in the history of the world. It’s the evil Vice President that may have had much much more to do with both events, reversing or starting a hugely unpopular war that grinds away American soldier’s lives in a battle that was lost before it began. It is the spectre of great sums of money to be made by the military-industrial complex because a good war is great for business when your business is killing.

The parallels go on and on. 50 years from now, people will still be discussing, arguing and flat out knowing ‘what happened that day’ and really no one will ever know. No Woodward and Bernstein are going to break the story. No government whistle blower (with actual credibility) will step forward, perhaps on their death bed. Movies will be made about it, it will become a wry pop culture reference (see Armageddon…’Can you tell us who killed Kennedy?’) and people will go to their graves thinking they know exactly what happened that day. They will remember the day it happened like it was yesterday and where they were and the people they were then and the people they became after ,or even because of, that day.

Whether you believe that the government was totally behind, let it happen or were total incompetents to allow this to happen, the fact remains that this ship has sailed. We will never have ‘the smoking gun’ evidence to support any of these claims, and the truth probably (like JFK) lies in some of all of the above.

We need to move on. There are no more people on the fence. Yes, the majority of people feel like we don’t know, or never will know the truth, but the people that believe the magic bullet today believed it 50 years ago. Oliver Stone didn’t change any minds. He may have introduced a new generation, but the lines remain the same. To some people bullets can turn around in midair and buildings can implode themselves because of fire, because the government told us it was so and they wouldn’t lie about anything that big. Some folks just need to believe that things are larger than they appear and that one person cannot do something so big as kill a President.

9/11 is now like JFK. Conspiracy legend. Fuzzy and unknowable. We need to pay attention to where the ship is headed now, not looking back at the smoke plumes. We have plenty of icebergs ahead and it does make sense to know the story of the Titanic going forward, but we cannot dwell on it. We need to focus attention on what’s happening now, things that we might be able to change, not twist arms and cry ‘admit I’m right!’ Anyone that still wants to sit and debate 9/11 as their main focus is spinning their wheels and keeping you with them. It’s done. We need to get over it.


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