Army report claims no connection between war stress and violence back home

The ‘Carson Report’ released Wednesday puts forth the claim that war trauma and stress has no link to increased violence or suicides by soldiers coming back from the Iraq war. This has to be one of the most blatant WTF moments lately.

Soldiers seeing innocents gunned down, detainees tortured and their buddies getting horrifically killed or disfigured have nothing to do with what they do when they come back home. The report is chock full of findings that this is absolute BS but even after reading the report, Army officials say there is no link.

Remember back during the Bush years it was treasonous to say something to the effect of ‘Support our Troops, Bring Them Home?’ This is a testament to how true those words really are. To not want our boys and girls to be blown to bits , have to blow some other kids to bits or otherwise be ruined for life is not an un-Patriotic thing, it’s just the human thing to desire. Sacrificing our children to an Empire-building war for profit is not a Pro-American ideal. It’s often said that our military is great because it is an all volunteer force, but it really isn’t.

We have a de-facto economic draft in this country. The majority of people serving got in due to the wrecked domestic economy and job outlook. If your parents can’t pay for college, you don’t get a scholarship, then you join the military for schooling and a career later. The problem is they don’t tell you that it’s very difficult to get school while enlisted and when you get out, the money they are giving you is no where near what a college education costs. Not that it would do you any good, everyone knows that there are plenty of college grads sitting around with no jobs or working at McDonalds because there are no jobs for them. They have been shipped overseas by greedy corporations looking to increase their margin, assisted by insane government rules that make that option much more attractive or the inability to find suitably trained employees because the public indoctrination school system has made monkeys just smart enough to push the button for their bananas.

Now we have a bunch of returning vets, who did what they were told by criminals, that are psychologically damaged and hooked on various pharmaceuticals for suicide or depression (with side effects being suicide/depression) or alcoholics. The gun laws are already rolling out to make sure Vets do not have legal access to firearms (a CLASSIC example of problem:reaction:solution) because they were made insane by doing the jobs no one else would. The very people that are highly trained with firearms and served their time ‘protecting the rights of Americans’ are having their right stripped away. I guess if a corrupt government wanted to make sure that people that knew how to use them and defend against tyranny did not have guns, this is an ideal way to go about doing that.

Besides, everyone knows that heavy metal music, movies and video games are what cause violence right?

Here is a good Salon article on all this as well

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