Man Disses Telemarketers, charged as Terrorist

The defenders of the Patriot Act powers always say that the Constitution-killing rules are only used to combat foreign terrorists. The Democrats will say that they are to be used on ‘Domestic Terrorists’ as well.

It appears that if you go off on a telemarketer, you are now a terrorist.

Yes, you can’t give death threats to even the lowliest of creations, i.e. telemarketers, but ‘terroristic threats?’ 4 years in prison? The article even describes how this particular company has already been cited and sued in the past for deceptive business practices, and you can bet they will pursue the charges as far as they will go (since it has been done to them in the past…and for good reason it seems) and this man who did nothing that the rest of us would like to do will become a felon.

It does not appear that Patriot Act items are being used in this case, just good old American justice system tactics, but it’s all part of the conditioning to accept the word terrorist being identified with normal criminal behaviour and even less than well thought out acts. The man did commit a crime by issuing death threats, although ones that could not necessarily been taken as actionable. The media does their part in sending the message of ‘piss someone off on the telephone and you will be charged as a terrorist.’ The whole bullying thought crime bill opens the door wide open on this. Call someone a jackass in traffic and you will be held as a terrorist and a bully.

Don’t be part of the half of the population that thinks that this is a good idea. Don’t be part of the other half that don’t care. Be part of the tiny (but growing) number of people that realize that neither political party want to help the people. They want to help themselves, their corporate sponsors and the progression of the New World Order that imprisons people for words and thought.


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