If we are going to get ‘free medical care’ how ’bout dental too?

If ‘Obamacare’ is inevitable, I hope it includes dental too. If you are upset at how little (or at all) your medical plans pay on health care costs, you should look at dental plans. Most dental plans suck.

Every dental plan I have ever seen, one must wait a year before receiving any benefits outside of a checkup and cleaning and even after that year, the covered costs are rather small compared to the entire bill. Don’t even ask about things like braces. Normally orthodontics is added as an expensive rider that requires at least a year ( I have seen plans that make you wait 2 years) to even get a paltry percentage of braces covered.

If you have a medical emergency, anyone can go to an ER and receive care and the costs are figured out later, after treatment. If you have a dental emergency, you hope you can get into a dentist in the next few days and you better have cash up front to have anything done and none of it is cheap.

I an not against national health care conceptually, there are ways to make it work, but the current plan is just absurd. No one but the most ardent Republican kool-aid drinkers (or those in the higher ranks of health care) will or can argue that the way our health system works now isn’t horribly broken, but the plans in works now won’t fix anything. The current plan only adds layers of more possible fraud and more opportunities to deny people care they need. Health care is just like the financial crisis, we see ourselves going over a waterfall and official action only paddles us there faster. Hopefully this time they will at least add dental to our sinking ship.

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