UK/US to open talks with Taliban (again)

I am sure the conservative talking heads will jump all over this as ‘Obama is consorting with the enemy! Told you so!’

Problem is, the Republicans were doing this literally months before 9/11. Members of the Taliban were in Texas, making misogynist comments and taking huge bribes from Enron since the late 90’s while W. was governor of Texas. You see, they were trying to get a pipeline built from Afghanistan to the gulf so we could more easily import their oil. At various points in the negotiations (that started in 1996) the Taliban asked for more money, more concessions and the deal never really got going. Unocal, Enron and others kept paying to try to get the pipeline approved but it never got going. Here is a good site that has a time line for these sorts of events.

Besides this being a case of the kettle calling the President black, it’s a good look at the mindset that many now have in the country. Instead of talking with ‘enemies’ , which is interpreted as anyone not kissing our asses, the idea is to nuke them all. Never mind diplomacy, our boys and girls are cheap and willing to be sacrificed on the altar of American Imperialism. We honor the troops and support them but are certainly willing to let thousands of them die due to faulty intelligence, oil prices, homeland security and crusading on behalf of God himself. Let’s stop pretending that a large portion of our ‘war on terror’ is not a very thinly veiled modern Crusade, intent on eradicating those hateful extremist Muslims that want to kill us all.

Roughly half of the country approves the use of torture as a law enforcement technique and war strategy. The “ticking time bomb” scenario is always brought up as an example of why torture is necessary. In the unlikely event that something out of 24 actually happens in real life, torture would be used (as it has been in the past by every country on Earth) but not made public. The U.S. has (and still does) use torture, biological warfare, assassinations, election tampering, installation of puppet governments etc… all over the world. It’s not right, but at least they had the decency to cover it up (poorly in most cases) in the past but these days they are loud and proud of it. The same people that say that allegations that we supported Hussein when he was rising to power are total nonsense (despite photographic evidence) and that blow-back of from the meddling in the area’s affairs has not contributed to the actual hatred of people in that part of the world towards America are the very same ones that go on television and defend the choice of torture in the ear on terror.

Remember a time when America didn’t stoop the level of our enemies? Remember when America was the shining beacon of democracy and goodness in the world? I know, it’s never really been that way, but at the pretense of it was worked at. Now we are openly corrupt, blood thirsty and ….well….evil. Wingnuts will say ‘How dare you speak of American like that! You hate America! Get out!’

To them I say ‘You support torture and terrorism as tools of foreign policy. You openly proclaim that you want our President to fail. You openly support the wholesale killing of Muslims. Who is the hater here? Who by words and deeds trample the Constitution, the very document that this country is supposed to be great because? You get out you hateful evil pricks!’

p.s. Please do not take my ‘You want the President to fail’ as an endorsement of Obama. It certainly is not. I actually DO want the President to fail since all he is doing is playing his part in the same script everyone else uses. Problem is that he most likely will not.


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