A slice of wisdom in a sea of disinformation

Finally, an interview with someone apparently not on the take from Big Pharma and or government fear mongers about the H1N1 (swine flu.)

To sum up, swine flu is NOT particularly dangerous, it’s being well over blown by media and government organizations and still the best defense against germs is good old hygiene. Remember this the next time government mouthpiece Alex Jones is banging the swine flu fear drums (which will be ratcheting up in the fall again.) Alex will certainly pick back up the BE AFRAID rhetoric that he started out with during the last scare, only to end up editing it that he told you from the beginning that it might just be a scare tactic, after stating on the air that he was going to hole up in his office until it blew over and send his family away to lock-down somewhere. Fear is what he sells best (besides water filters and gold) and he will soon have more specials on the swine flu variety.

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