More for the ‘How much more obvious can it get’ file

An Obama appointed Justice Department official kills the case against Black Panther’s intimidating at the polls. I know, lack of evidence, despite video tape showing it. It was talked about back in November, and tried to quietly die but some one (read sore-ass Republicans) was keeping an eye on it. Sorry we dismissed your little Black Panther party…

A famous (in New Jersey anyway) political consultant involved in the wide corruption case in Jersey found dead in his home. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Surely this was an accidental overdose or otherwise natural, no-one-else-involved death. Come on guys, get real. This article might as well have said one of the corrupt Jersey guys was silenced before he spilled some big beans. Money laundering and $10k here and there is just business as usual in state level politics. This guy knew something about something big and was deemed a potential leak risk.

Racist talk show host outed as an FBI informant. Hal Turner was outed as being on the FBI payroll all the while trying to incite domestic terrorism and murder of judges. Time and time again, the feds are shown to be right in the middle of these ‘terrorist’ groups and pushing for violence. The COINTELPRO program still running high gear.

US Northcomm gearing up for major swine flu ‘response.’  I especially love the use of “execution order” in that article. How telling that is. I know, that’s what orders read like, but it’s the tone of the article. That term is being used here on purpose to elicit a response. Professional writers know how to write things that invoke feelings or tones and the public falls for it every time.

It continues to amaze me the brazen ways the elite broadcast their plans, either before or after they happen. They must think that everyone is either stupid, naive or apathetic. Truth be told, all three are correct for the majority of the world. For those that are awake and know how to read the news, to think rather than allow input, it is blatantly obvious. It really takes effort to remain ignorant of the real picture when this much stuff is validated on a daily basis. What is it going to take for the majority of people that already know what’s going on to stop saying to themselves ‘Yeah, it’s all bad and corrupt but what good can I do? There’s no stopping it, so I might as well just roll over and take it?’

I thought it might happen when the looting during the bailout was happening. Outright robbery and laughing about it on tv should have been the wake up call. Sadly, that did not happen. Not to a degree that would make a difference anyway. We are the ants people, there are way many more of us than there are of them.

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