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Mandatory Flu Shots requirement for employment

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In New York, if you work in the health care industry, you might be forced to take the flu vaccinations or get fired. Not the H1N1 shots, just the regular flu shot. If there truly is a public backlash to the newest vaccinations (as seems to be brewing to a much higher degree than usual in recent times) here is a great work around. Sure, it’s your right to not get the shots, but you won’ t have a job anymore. Of course this won’t happen unless the industry doing the forcing is in bed with the industry pushing the vaccinations…oh wait.

Nice end around if the lawmakers don’t want to risk their political necks in backing what is being seen more and more as a dangerous and unneeded program.


Alex Jones is a plagarist

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From Wikipedia, Plagiarism, as defined in the 1995 Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary, is the “use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” Does this apply to Alex Jones in respect to the Obama Joker posters? YES!

To back up something I  pointed out several weeks ago, Alex Jones is now officially taking credit for the Obama Joker posters, despite MSM articles that have spoken to the original artist of said image who said ‘it would be nice to sue all those making money off tee-shirts using his artwork.’ The original art might have copyright problems anyway since it is a co-opted Time magazine cover.

Also mentioned in the article is Jones’ ill-advised $1000 contest for videos showing people vandalizing public areas to ‘spread the message.’ People do not seem to realize that by submitting videos they are basically publicizing video records of them committing a crime in many cases.

All of you Alex Jones kool-aid drinkers out there, can you not see this? Alex ripped off someone else’s art, is selling tee-shirts of it and encouraging listeners to send in videos of you committing crimes! Perhaps the worst part is that this is getting some MSM coverage. The same coverage that Alex continually says is bad and controlled yet he yearns for it with his name attached as well as uses it as a cornerstone of his credibility. How many times have you heard Jones proclaiming ‘see this is true, the mainstream media has this story on it!’ You can’t call the MSM out for being liars and spin doctors all the while you use them to prop up your own credibility and want to get your name in it to help sell tee-shirts and website subscriptions.

People following the trail of the Obama Joker posters will now lead back to Alex Jones, not the original artist, and then people will probably find the insane video of Alex doing his Joker act. Most of the information he is talking about is true but how is that tirade going to help wake up anyone that is on the fence or at least has a crack in the door of their mind? Anyone but his most ardent supporters is going to see a lunatic ranting and raving wearing Halloween makeup. It serves no purpose other than to hurt the credibility of the information he says he is seeking to promote.

Really people, Jones is just showing how far he will take an idea that wasn’t even his to begin with and use it to promote himself and to incite his listeners to commit crimes.

*Edit* I posted a talkback on that article at Infowars. Guess how long it lasted? If your guess was less than 1 minute, you are a winner! Actually, it never made it through the ‘your comment is awaiting moderation, so it never actually got up at all.

I managed to get in a sneaky one anyway hehe!

Republicans are for torture, democrats are for death panels

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Why is it that these days a person will stand behind whatever argument their party is pitching no matter how ludicrous it might be?

With the announcement of actual (yeah right) investigations of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ which it to say torture, you have the policy announcers of the Republican party take a stand in defense of torture? Why is it partisan to agree with the same things we said we wanted Sadam out of power for doing? No matter your party affiliation or fiscal philosophy, since when does anyone want America to be the country that tortures? In the very unlikely case that a 24 scenario is unfolding…only this guy has the codes to prevent a nuke from going off…how are we going to get him to talk? In something like that whatever it takes to get the info would happen. Nothing new, nothing unexpected. But we didn’t talk about it and we certainly did not adopt that strategy from the highest positions of power. Something like that would have layers of deniability to protect those with political careers to think of.

These days, people are all about just torturing people. It’s a checklist off the ideals of the Republican party. Pro-life? Check. Pro-Second Amendment? Check. Pro-torture? Check.

I don’t know if what the media is hyping is all true, that everyone in America is hyper-partisan these days and fistfights have to break out when discussing the news of the day. The media sure like to paint it that way. The media seems to be helping make it this way in fact. Gone are the days of objectivity in journalism. It’s either Fox News or MSNBC with all the partisan spin that those carry. Is the majority of America really that deluded that they cannot see the idiocy of their parties policies? I see it in my microcosm of the world. You have the few that still think that Obama will lead us into a new age of understanding and change, despite his policies being the same or worse than Bush even from a liberals standpoint. The White House doesn’t want to release ‘terror suspects’ even after being found not guilty for crying out loud. Yet, there are those that say ‘but he’s doing better. It’ll turn around.’ Sigh.

We also have the others that argue that this is a Christian nation and Obama isn’t a citizen. Muslim’s are inferior and they have no place in our world. It’s all narrow minded racism and their arguments go only as deep as they can remember what Rush said. These people at the town halls are only concerned citizens and no one is being paid by the insurance companies or anything.

That’s a few. The majority don’t say anything, stay quiet as to not rock the boat. Not sure if they agree silently with one ‘side’ or the other or if they just think everyone they hear is a retard. Probably some of all of that in actuality. But you have to wonder, if the media is having an effect and helping set the stage for some partisan war coming up. Surely not everyone that votes Republican thinks that Rush is a living legend and everyone that voted for Obama thinks that he really wants to help the little guy and not his financial backers.

Are politics the latest in the super size me American culture? We can’t have burgers, we have to have the biggest most fattening burgers EVER! We can’t have porn stars, we have to have porn stars with the biggest tits ever! We can’t have a profit, we have to make the biggest profits on record!

Is there room for moderation anymore?

Alex Jones’ panties are in a bunch (about nothing again)

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Infowars is running a story decrying how a library has blacklisted his site as one that ‘promotes criminal skills.’
His faithful sheep are now running around calling for lawsuits and how First Amendment rights are being trampled etc…
The problem is that the library is probably right in this case.

No, the Obama poster isn’t hate speech etc… (that no one but Infowars seems to be trying to make such a big deal of btw) but running a $1000 contest to see who can post and vandalize the best using that poster is…well, promoting criminal skills. It is the same as running a contest to see who can smash the most mailboxes or in the most creative way and have the videos posted.
By turning in a video, you would be submitting video evidence of a crime you are committing!
Do you think that Jones wouldn’t roll over on every single one of his fans that sent in videos if the cops came a knocking? Retards!

Besides making a mountain out of a molehill (that wasn’t even his to begin with…see my earlier posts about that) with this stupid Obama Joker thing, he is just furthering his goal of making the ‘truth movement’ seem less credible all the time. When your stuff is getting lumped in with the same stuff as idiotic Palin PR stunts or scripted town hall racism you know you have been successfully marginalized. Any actual gains that have been made in the past few years are now being swept away by a good marketing campaign against the ‘right’ and by association the ‘patriot movement.’
This might not have happened if it were not for the fact that the poster boy for the patriot or truth movement (whatever you want to call it) is so far up the asses of the Right Wing of the globalists. You cannot come on the air and decry how evil someone is because they are or associate with people in the CFR and then have guests on from the CNP and say it’s not big deal. Two sides of the same coin bubba!

None of this is helping. It’s not helping get the message out, it’s increasing traffic to Jones owned sites in order to make money and has the nice side effect of making the movement and thus it’s messages and information less credible.


And to help prove my point here is a ‘talk back’ from the article linked above. This is only one of MANY posts like this on AJ’s sites and represents a decent portion of his audience.

srg.sendanko Reply:
August 26th, 2009 at 10:31 am

I agree this is what Obama calls a more open government,Obama is just one lying sack of shit.He is not even a natural born citizen of the U.S. I say no birth certificate then he should be thrown out of office on his ass!!!!!!!!!!! Then thrown in jail where he belongs and then deported back to Kenya and run around half naked with all the other aberidginese, and put a plate in his lip and a bone through his nose. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it Obama you scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the whole birth certificate thing is NOT in any way rascist. I am not saying it might not be true, but the majority of the backers of that idea think this way. Sigh…

Could you be more obvious?

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Yet another in the myriad of swine flu scare stories, this one actually tips it’s hand quite obviously and early in the article. Here is the beginning of that article to point out it’s intent.

WASHINGTON, Aug 24 (Reuters) – U.S. officials should help drug companies speed up the supply of swine flu drugs and vaccines, making at least some shots available by mid-September, White House science advisers said on Monday.


Calling the H1N1 pandemic “a serious threat to our nation”, they also urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to quickly decide on new, intravenous formulations of flu drugs, including current drugs such as Roche AG’s <ROG.VX> Tamiflu and GlaxoSmithKline’s <GSK.L> Relenza but also BioCryst Pharmaceuticals’ <BCRX.O> experimental drug peramivir.


The news sent BioCryst’s shares soaring more than 25 percent to $12.60 as trading closed on Nasdaq.

If we go ahead and ignore the entire level of evil here that asks the deeper question of why the government, the media and drug companies are endangering people’s lives with untested vaccines (population control) you cannot over look the totally obvious: this is going to make people a TON of money. This article may be coming from the health and science desk, but it might as well have run in the financial section. It’s basically an ad to tip folks off to buy this companies stock. If you do buy, make sure to sell it just as the scheduled pandemic really starts…you know, before the drugs start killing people and the stock tumbles as the drugs are pulled from the market.

History repeats itself and I urge everyone to go read about the 1976 Swine Flu fiasco. Here is a good 60 minutes piece to start with.

Swine Flu threat is ‘serious’ say White House advisors

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And to them I say bullcrap!

We have (apparently) a new strain of virus floating around with no more fatalities than regular seasonal flu. The knee jerk reaction has now made a huge booming business for vaccine makers to deliver a treatment despite having little to no test trials or studies. The fast tracked vaccine is being ‘tested’ on humans right now to deliver mid-September. Like 30 days away. The doctors right now even admit they have no idea what the dosage should be or if they should be using potency enhancers called adjuvants.  Who is first on the list to receive them? Infants, toddlers, schoolchildren and pregnant women. Makes sense right?

So the plan is to take untested drugs, guess at a dose and give it to children and pregnant women first? Why aren’t people seeing the insanity of this? The policies and tools are in place to make this a mandatory vaccination and even set up immunity against prosecution or lawsuits for the vaccine makers in the (likely) event that the cure turns out to be worse than the disease.

For the glove of Lod people, don’t take this vaccine and don’t let your children take it. They are running up the fear on this and are even planning for riots if the vaccines run low. Of course, those same anti-riot troops can be put to use for those that refuse to take the shots if needed. Make them.

Go ahead and bring it. You won’t be giving my kids that poison.

Mexico De-criminalizes Drugs

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No, really! Mexico announced that it has set limits to what it calls ‘personal use’ and will no longer prosecute for anyone in possession of virtually any drugs beneath those thresholds. This includes pot, LSD, heroin, meth and cocaine. Wow.

In the middle of a massive ‘drug war’ with people being killed by drug lords and corrupt cops, Mexico admitted that basically they need to give an out to normal everyday people that by and large were being shaken down by crooked cops for the most part. This allows the authorities (including US persons helping in Mexico) to concentrate on violent big time dealers. Wonder how many of those crooked cops wind up being discovered as being part of the violent cartels at the same time…

My question is this: How did Mexico get out ahead of the US on this one? They have a much larger violent drug problem in that country and they legalized virtually all drugs for personal use. Here in the US we cannot even get marijuana legal with a doctor’s supervision. I do NOT support legalizing all drugs, most are very dangerous, but marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol on every aspect, except perhaps on your lungs…but how many people are there that only smoke cigarettes when they are drinking? I bet it comes out even if you had real numbers to look at.

In fact, the legal drug problem in this country could probably be eased by ending marijuana prohibition. Oxycontin and all of those are more demonstrably harmful than the effects of using weed as a pain killer. Of course, this faces a tough up hill battle since Big Pharma has the entire government in it’s pocket. Let’s make sure a relatively harmless natural product is outlawed so we can continue our multi-billion dollar business of selling drugs that are FAR more addictive than marijuana and far more expensive. You would see a decrease in pain killer abuse, less mind altering anti-psychotic and anti-depressive drugs. Hell, the most popular anti-nausea drug for cancer patients is outrageously expensive and could be supplanted immediately (with equal or greater benefits) with marijuana.

The benefits of the hemp industry over nylon and other synthetics (which were some of the lobbyists that originally got it outlawed) would be great for the economy and environment and of course it would be taxed (probably quite highly) and help pay for all of Obama’s socialized programs that have no other funding options avaliable (other than taxing everyone like 60% across the board.)

It has been said that a definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome. Seems like Mexico finally shed some of it’s insanity.