Partisan Flames Grow Higher

I often point out stuff that is produced by ‘liberal’ hosts and shows , where the abuses of power that Bush and his regime were covered so well over the past 8 years or so. Many times, we dismiss Fox News as GOP partisan hacks but have you been paying attention to some of the really nasty democratic partisan stuff lately? Some of it makes the good ole Hannitys and Limbaughs seem tame.

Take a look over at for instance. It is the Internet equivalent of Mos Eisley.  The just outright hatefulness of the site jumps off the screen and makes me sick to my stomach. Every day there are nearly up to the minute posts of the latest inflammatory thing Rush Limbaugh says. There is continuous spin control being applied to everything aired on television and radio. Now, it’s easy to point out what a numb skull Rush is, but these people hawk over his every word, waiting for him to say something, anything they can glom onto and apply hatefulness to. It’s a bit of the same thing Howard Stern used to say, ‘even if they are listening to hate me, they are still listening.’

The very thing that ‘awake’ people has been trying to tell everyone is coming to roost in a HUGE way these days. The left/right paradigm is a total sham. You notice that for all the promised Change and Hope the policies remain the same with Obama. Almost every election promise has been broken at this point and nothing is getting any better. The experts tell us that the economy is getting better, but that joblessness won’t finish peaking til the second half of next year. White House staff is now starting the soft sell of the upcoming tax hikes (that were promised not to happen) so the blow will be lessened when it does happen.

The only difference now than during the Bush years is that the Democrats are the ones being obnoxious and holier than thou. To question birth certificates, tax hikes or health care takeovers is the new crazy conspiratorial talk. You don’t agree with Obama or his policies? You are a moron, a racist and you hate America! Sound familiar?  There is even more obvious partisanship happening in the media, promoting the extremes at both ends in order to make what used to be vigorous political debate exercises in slander and violence inducing propaganda.

Divide and conquer. You see, it doesn’t matter if we get health care or not. It doesn’t matter if we change anything with respect to abortion, gay marriage, the war(s) or even if the President is actually Constitutionally qualified to be President. As long as people are fighting over these things and not paying attention to the fact that we are all getting screwed by the left AND the right, they win.

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