Dis or Dat Who to believe?

Ok, so Drudge Report (among others) have a video showing Obama saying ‘I support a single payer system.’  See it UNCUT here.

The White House hits back with this piece here.

Yes, in the older video he is stumping for some candidate and talking to his base, who are overwhelmingly for the single payer system. The White House clips are from Presidential Campaign and post election speeches.

While both are showing obviously uncut footage, not some editing trickery, most people are missing the bigger point. He is saying he is on both sides of the same issue! I want to see private insurance killed off, I want to make sure you can keep your insurance the same if you like it. Well, which is it?

The proof is in the pudding. Take a look at the bill. The bill makes provisions for real time monitoring of your bank accounts and electronic funds transfers, everyone carries a National Health ID (remove Health from that and you see how this finally gets something they’ve wanted for a very long time,) if you make changes to your plan at all, you drop to the public plan… We all know politicians are going to say what their audience wants to hear. That explains the differences (like 180 degree differences) in his speeches but the thing that is NOT happening is being able to read and/or debate the provisions of the actual bill. Neither the American public nor Congress. They say we have to do something NOW! it cannot wait! We will deal with the details later….

isn’t that where the devil lives?

p.s. If they can mount a public campaign against ‘lies about healthcare from Drudge Report’ why can’t they effectively mount an end all public proofing of the whole birth certificate thing? We don’t want to spend any time on useless child like stuff won’t cut it, because coming out and basically calling an internet news posting place a liar is as about as childish as it gets I think.


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