The Death of ‘the Birthers’

Until yesterday, the right wing media had been either ambivalent or supportive of ‘the birther movement’ but if you are paying attention to what they are saying, they received new talking points yesterday. Now ‘birthers’ are lumped together with 9/11 truthers, moon landing hoaxers and literally ‘flat earthers.’ Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Boortz et. al. (except Lou Dobbs) are now preaching ‘the birthers are insane morons.’

I subscribe to the where there’s smoke, there’s probably fire philosophy. Now that the very people who were pushing it (and you think still would be) are trying to kill it, that just makes it more likely in my book. Many of us have said that perhaps this will be the catalyst for retroactively changing the Constitution to open the door for Ah-nuld. The attempted murder of this story seems to help validate it. Sadly the main pushers of this whole thing are doing it mostly for and because of their racial bias (it’s a very poorly veiled racist thing) and it makes me feel icky to be ‘on their side.’

However it plays out, you can be certain of one thing: it will likely turn out exactly like they wanted to from the beginning.


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