Getting redonkulous now….

No matter what side of the whole health care debate (i.e. democrat or republican) you are on, you would have to agree that the reform pushers are going WAY over the top to try and quash any other voices than their own.

You have Democrats in the news saying that ‘the dissenters aren’t real’ with their biggest complaint being that they belong to some nebulous group (aka the Republicans.) They even say that people at town hall meetings expesssing their opinions are wearing swastikas. Here is a quote from Harry Reid actually said to reporters:

“These are nothing more than destructive efforts to interrupt a debate that we should have, and are having,” Reid said. “They are doing this because they don’t have any better ideas. They have no interest in letting the negotiators, even though few in number, negotiate. It’s really simple: they’re taking their cues from talk show hosts, Internet rumor-mongerers(sic) … and insurance rackets.”

“Destructive efforts to interrupt a debate” means opposing the other side’s argument? Not sure how he defines debate then. Seems like a fundamental flaw in reasoning here.

Ok, so democrats oppose anyone connected to any group that does  not support the health care reform bill apparently. Of course, if you belong to a group that is supporting the bill that’s just fine. Take a look at this video from an AARP meeting where the spokes-lady dislikes the opposition so much she gets rude and ends the meeting. Screw you guys, I’m going home. I know if I were an AARP member I certainly wouldn’t be after seeing that.

The White House has even opened up a reporting system and is encouraging people that hear or see ‘fishy rumors about health care’ to report them to the White House so that it might be dealt with. This is exactly what the Nazis would have done if they had had email then. It’s not hidden, it’s being encouraged. Even if you totally support health care reform as it stands right now, how can you abide this type of behaviour? It is 100% un-American. You cannot have a debate without the other side being represented. It then becomes propaganda. There are only 2 things being heard on the mainstream media right now (excepting Fox…omg I am actually sorta backing Fox on this…how weird the world is today) here’s the great health care reform and don’t listen to anyone that says it’s anything other than the best thing ever because they are Nazis and liars.

I certainly am not saying that insurance companies are  not stirring the pot and encouraging this. They are spending  money to protect their stranglehold on health care costs. But to say that everyone that opposes the plan must be on the payroll of them is absurd and frankly, well,  paranoid conspiracy theory. The Democrats idea is correct, the insurance plans are bleeding this county dry with health care and they are a despicable bunch. However, the current health care plan is hugely overreaching and a worse idea than what we have in place now. No, I don’t have the answer but I know what they are planning to do isn’t going to help, it will make things worse.

The bottom line is neither ‘plan’ will work. Time to figure out a new plan. But to allow for democrats to run a hotline designed to shut down opposing viewpoints….that is plain idiocy and it should be dealt with as harshly as possible. Whether or not you support health reform, make sure you disrupt the propaganda sessions town hall meetings with your opposition to the purely Nazi like tactics being employed to ramrod this legislation through.

Also, it turns out my suggestions that all this partisan hatred being fomented would end up in violence is starting to come true. Quick, get me on the air! I am psychic like Alex Jones!

Oh, and if anyone is going to report this along to the White House as being fishy rumors make sure you pass this along: FUCK YOU! THIS IS AMERICA!


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