Alex Jones is NOT helping

As a great article from Lee Rogers of Oracle Broadcasting has pointed out, it seems that beloved truth movement figurehead Alex Jones might be behind the infamous Obama Joker posters. If not behind, he certainly jumped on board with the image early on. He is even sponsoring a $1000 contest for people to go around and ‘tag’ the posters and submit videos with the biggest defacement winning the grand.

Well, here is just one of those attempts being reported in the media.

If Alex Jones is trying to be the honorable leader of the truther movement maybe he should stop pulling stunts that end up painting the entire movement in a poor light. It seems as if anything he does anymore is either to bring bad press to the movement, such that it is, or to line his own pockets.

There can be little doubt that Alex Jones is in place to marginalize ‘truthers’. Remember it was he that really drove the linking of the Ron Paul campaign to truthers that in retrospect was the ideal thing to do for the current political climate (i.e. anyone Republican is un-American and racist.) It was also him that was helping the H1N1 scare along in it’s early days, even though he says he outed it all as being fake. Remember it is he that constantly promotes people demonstrated to be in the same NWO groups that he pretends to hate.

Take a look at the Lee Rogers article and the videos posted with it. How does he think that anyone would take anything he says seriously? Much of the information he is spouting off while dressed up like a douche is true indeed, but man oh man is that not the way to present it. I mean really.

Here is the video (but you should read that other article as well though!)

You have got to me kidding. This is NOT helpful in promoting the reality behind the scenes of what’s happening today. Less people will believe something if it comes from what appears to be an entirely crazy source, not matter how true it is. Alex Jones , who many consider to be the grandfather of alternative truther media, is assisting in controlling and destroying it’s already challenged credulity.

One Response to “Alex Jones is NOT helping”

  1. […] back to Alex Jones, not the original artist, and then people will probably find the insane video of Alex doing his Joker act. Most of the information he is talking about is true but how is that tirade going to help wake up […]

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