The Circle is now complete

The public opinion operation has now achieved it’s full goal. Coming to the desired conclusion via all the idiocy of the campaign (Sarah Palin as a REAL candidate? come one) all the way through the birth certificate issue and the town halls it’s now come down to if you disprove of Obama, you are a domestic terrorist. Take a look at this article from ABC. It’s very obvious. All this ranting, raving and totally insane talk (from every possible angle) has formed this idea that sets the stage for the next big event. If you are against Obama or his policies, you are part of a hate group and mentally unsound. That’s the idea they have been going for and the plan is now coming to fruition.

I will put on my Alex Jones psychic hat and say that somewhere, a threat will be posed to someone in high enough power to start a backlash of public opinion that will shut down ANY dissent. The stage will be set, they will be able to say – See told you so! This is where partisan politics causes violence. Anyone with a disagreeing viewpoint needs to keep their trap shut for the safety of us all. If you hear someone saying anything negative, for your safety please report them to or your local area National Guard commander. We will redeploy the troops once the air of violence has left the streets. Now go back to your homes and await further instructions.

I HATE to sound like a fear-monger, but wow does this all sound plausible with the way things are going.


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