Hal Turner: Zombie for the FBI

So, a right wing ‘patriot’ radio host and blogger has been completly outed as being an FBI trained agent provocateur.

There’s no way that another popular radio host could be in the same boat right?

If you look at the amount of fear that Alex Jones spews forth on whatever the latest government run operation is it would seem that he is trying to help that operation along. I would point to Y2K and the swine flu episodes as good cases in point for this.

If you look at the guests he promotes they fall into one of two categories for the most part: right wing members of the same ‘elite’ he is warning us all about, such as Leonard Horowitz, Stanley Montieth, Jack Blood among others. The second group are some of his (supposed) many Hollywood type friends that directly feed his ego with something he says shouldn’ t even matter. Most times, these celebrities don’t add to any sort of credibility, instead they hurt. Charlie Sheen, Willie Nelson and of course Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montaug. This is not to say that he does not have actual good guests on that have something important to say, but most times they are interrupted and pulled off topic so bad by Alex talking over them or trying to put words into their mouths that they might as well have gone onto a Sean Hannity program.

Speaking of credibility, Alex seems to spend a lot of time limiting his credibility through his delivery and actions. From his ranting and raving, constant talk of how big and important a figure he is, to his crazed interviews in the IFC documentary and his Joker play session, Alex’s credibility is hard to quantify. Indeed, most of his information is true enough (although some is exaggerated and some is outright bunk) but it’s very hard to get someone that already isn’t kind of on the same page to listen to or believe anything he says. When I pass on any materials to him to help ‘wake someone up’ I always have to qualify it as ‘this guy comes off as an idiot, but the information is indeed true.’

Jones also was the one that had the majority of his listeners sign up for Ron Paul’s materials and the Republican party’s rolls (even though Bush was president at the time!) and raised a significant amount of money for Paul’s campaign. Ron Paul’s movement has now morphed into general GOP ‘grass roots’ group that has the likes of Glen Beck associated with it. You think that Beck and his ilk don’t have access to the email lists that the Paul campaign put together? Jones also runs money bombs for himself to ‘grow his operation’ even though he raised a bunch of money outside his regular sales channels to do the same last year with no discernible effect. The advertisers on  his site and the radio show are also highly suspect and even when they are pointed out as being frauds, the ads continue to run. No one should be faulted for trying to make a buck, but let’s not try and gloss over the facts here.

Alex’s argument is that anyone that calls him out on anything is only jealous of him and trying to split the community or is a government disinfo agent. I am here to tell you that I am none of those things. I am merely a concerned observer. I want people to wake up and I want people to be able to critically think to see through the propaganda of the mainstream media spin as well as the spin I see coming from the so called alternative media. If you are a follower of Jones, think twice before signing up for anything, giving any info out and as with ANY thing you hear or read (this included) if you want to have a real opinion about it go to the source and decide for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. Go listen to the shows from the swine flu week, the Saturday  night emergency transmission through that entire week and then listen to any current show where Jones tries to say he only said it was a false hyped fear tactic. Go listen to his Y2K broadcast He doesn’t keep the archive to that one because he obviously doesn’t want it heard for reasons that are apparent when you hear it (try youtube.)

Take Alex Jones’ advice: don’t just believe it. Actually go investigate for yourself. Use more than one source. Make your own decision. No really, investigate your self outside of the many domains that Jones’ operation runs.


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