Swine Flu vaccine ‘fast-tracked’

The National Biodefense Safety Board, which advises the Health and Human Services secretary on matters related to ‘biodefense’ has voted to fast track the H1N1 swine flu vaccine this fall. In fact, right now. This means that the flu shot specifically for the apparently unavoidable swine flu pandemic will fore go most testing and safety procedures in order to be availablefor ‘the most vulnerable’ targets…er patients by September.

What this means is that basically they gave the shots to lab rats and enough of them did not fall over dead right then and there so that means it’s safe for the population at large. Since there is a time crunch and possible shortages of the vaccines the priority will be for infants, toddlers, school age kids and pregnant women. Also included in the high priority group are health-care workers, but since up to a third of nurses polled (in the UK) will be refusing the shot they are downplaying that a bit.

Of particular note is the complexion of the panel that voted for this fast tracked status. Quoting from the WebMD article:

“Voting members of the NBSB include experts from universities, the pharmaceutical industry, and medical groups. NBSB chairwoman Patricia Quinlisk, MD, MPH — who was absent from today’s telephone-based meeting — is director of the Iowa health department. Non-voting members of the NBSB include representatives of the White House, the Health and Human Services Department, national security agencies, the FDA, and NASA.”

So people who make the vaccines and people who receive funding from the makers signed off for a giant deal to green light a HUGE potential moneymaker, dangers be dammed. Wow, what a shock! A vaccine that, confirmed right in that very same article, is only a guess at the correct dosage and even how many times one might need the shot to get any benefit from it.

Another odd fact is that even though it takes a long while for vaccines to be ‘invented’ and this flu began to become known in mid to late April, the Health and Human Services Department ordered nearly $300 million of this vaccine from the company that ‘invented’ it back in May. That means that even though they are being advised to go ahead and progress with the vaccination program just now, the government already ordered it 3 to 4 months ago! How’s that for a rubber stamp?

So a previously unknown virus combined from 3 different animals pops up in April, the vaccine is invented and being produced (and ordered) back in May and now we are getting greenlit for shots to be given out in September, even being given in schools, and by dentists and pharmacists. It seems a bit odd that the vaccine would be made ready SO quickly after being discovered and even odder still that there there has been an H1N1 vaccine already in the normal seasonal flu shots for decades. Here’s the quote from the original WebMd article (first link)

“Why deploy a vaccine that hasn’t completed safety and efficacy testing? Because we already have a lot of experience with similar vaccines, concluded the NBSB flu vaccine working group, led by University of Utah flu expert Andrew Pavia, MD.

Pandemic swine flu is a type A, H1N1 flu virus. For decades, a type A H1N1 vaccine has been part of the regular seasonal flu vaccine, and the new vaccine is made exactly the same way.”

Wait, what? This mystery virus that bursts onto the scene that no scientist has ever seen before (what we were being told back when this all started) and we have already been having shots against it for decades? Well, which one is it?

They can’t even keep their stories straight enough to produce a coherent scary story. By any and all means, resist this shot, don’t let your kids get it and most of all, don’t be afraid. The bottom line is that this is really not that much different that the regular flu, you know the kind everyone has had at one time or another. Yes, you might be sick for a week or so, but it most likely won’t cripple, maim or kill you like the 1976 vaccine did to WAY more people than got seriously ill from it last go around.


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