Mexico De-criminalizes Drugs

No, really! Mexico announced that it has set limits to what it calls ‘personal use’ and will no longer prosecute for anyone in possession of virtually any drugs beneath those thresholds. This includes pot, LSD, heroin, meth and cocaine. Wow.

In the middle of a massive ‘drug war’ with people being killed by drug lords and corrupt cops, Mexico admitted that basically they need to give an out to normal everyday people that by and large were being shaken down by crooked cops for the most part. This allows the authorities (including US persons helping in Mexico) to concentrate on violent big time dealers. Wonder how many of those crooked cops wind up being discovered as being part of the violent cartels at the same time…

My question is this: How did Mexico get out ahead of the US on this one? They have a much larger violent drug problem in that country and they legalized virtually all drugs for personal use. Here in the US we cannot even get marijuana legal with a doctor’s supervision. I do NOT support legalizing all drugs, most are very dangerous, but marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol on every aspect, except perhaps on your lungs…but how many people are there that only smoke cigarettes when they are drinking? I bet it comes out even if you had real numbers to look at.

In fact, the legal drug problem in this country could probably be eased by ending marijuana prohibition. Oxycontin and all of those are more demonstrably harmful than the effects of using weed as a pain killer. Of course, this faces a tough up hill battle since Big Pharma has the entire government in it’s pocket. Let’s make sure a relatively harmless natural product is outlawed so we can continue our multi-billion dollar business of selling drugs that are FAR more addictive than marijuana and far more expensive. You would see a decrease in pain killer abuse, less mind altering anti-psychotic and anti-depressive drugs. Hell, the most popular anti-nausea drug for cancer patients is outrageously expensive and could be supplanted immediately (with equal or greater benefits) with marijuana.

The benefits of the hemp industry over nylon and other synthetics (which were some of the lobbyists that originally got it outlawed) would be great for the economy and environment and of course it would be taxed (probably quite highly) and help pay for all of Obama’s socialized programs that have no other funding options avaliable (other than taxing everyone like 60% across the board.)

It has been said that a definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome. Seems like Mexico finally shed some of it’s insanity.


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  1. […] Mexico’s New Drug Law Worries U.S.,  underscores worry by U.S. authorities.  See also Blog of Freedom which was dadonfire’s source for this information as published on August 21st, 2009. […]

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