Swine Flu threat is ‘serious’ say White House advisors

And to them I say bullcrap!

We have (apparently) a new strain of virus floating around with no more fatalities than regular seasonal flu. The knee jerk reaction has now made a huge booming business for vaccine makers to deliver a treatment despite having little to no test trials or studies. The fast tracked vaccine is being ‘tested’ on humans right now to deliver mid-September. Like 30 days away. The doctors right now even admit they have no idea what the dosage should be or if they should be using potency enhancers called adjuvants.  Who is first on the list to receive them? Infants, toddlers, schoolchildren and pregnant women. Makes sense right?

So the plan is to take untested drugs, guess at a dose and give it to children and pregnant women first? Why aren’t people seeing the insanity of this? The policies and tools are in place to make this a mandatory vaccination and even set up immunity against prosecution or lawsuits for the vaccine makers in the (likely) event that the cure turns out to be worse than the disease.

For the glove of Lod people, don’t take this vaccine and don’t let your children take it. They are running up the fear on this and are even planning for riots if the vaccines run low. Of course, those same anti-riot troops can be put to use for those that refuse to take the shots if needed. Make them.

Go ahead and bring it. You won’t be giving my kids that poison.

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