Alex Jones’ panties are in a bunch (about nothing again)

Infowars is running a story decrying how a library has blacklisted his site as one that ‘promotes criminal skills.’
His faithful sheep are now running around calling for lawsuits and how First Amendment rights are being trampled etc…
The problem is that the library is probably right in this case.

No, the Obama poster isn’t hate speech etc… (that no one but Infowars seems to be trying to make such a big deal of btw) but running a $1000 contest to see who can post and vandalize the best using that poster is…well, promoting criminal skills. It is the same as running a contest to see who can smash the most mailboxes or in the most creative way and have the videos posted.
By turning in a video, you would be submitting video evidence of a crime you are committing!
Do you think that Jones wouldn’t roll over on every single one of his fans that sent in videos if the cops came a knocking? Retards!

Besides making a mountain out of a molehill (that wasn’t even his to begin with…see my earlier posts about that) with this stupid Obama Joker thing, he is just furthering his goal of making the ‘truth movement’ seem less credible all the time. When your stuff is getting lumped in with the same stuff as idiotic Palin PR stunts or scripted town hall racism you know you have been successfully marginalized. Any actual gains that have been made in the past few years are now being swept away by a good marketing campaign against the ‘right’ and by association the ‘patriot movement.’
This might not have happened if it were not for the fact that the poster boy for the patriot or truth movement (whatever you want to call it) is so far up the asses of the Right Wing of the globalists. You cannot come on the air and decry how evil someone is because they are or associate with people in the CFR and then have guests on from the CNP and say it’s not big deal. Two sides of the same coin bubba!

None of this is helping. It’s not helping get the message out, it’s increasing traffic to Jones owned sites in order to make money and has the nice side effect of making the movement and thus it’s messages and information less credible.


And to help prove my point here is a ‘talk back’ from the article linked above. This is only one of MANY posts like this on AJ’s sites and represents a decent portion of his audience.

srg.sendanko Reply:
August 26th, 2009 at 10:31 am

I agree this is what Obama calls a more open government,Obama is just one lying sack of shit.He is not even a natural born citizen of the U.S. I say no birth certificate then he should be thrown out of office on his ass!!!!!!!!!!! Then thrown in jail where he belongs and then deported back to Kenya and run around half naked with all the other aberidginese, and put a plate in his lip and a bone through his nose. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it Obama you scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the whole birth certificate thing is NOT in any way rascist. I am not saying it might not be true, but the majority of the backers of that idea think this way. Sigh…


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