Republicans are for torture, democrats are for death panels

Why is it that these days a person will stand behind whatever argument their party is pitching no matter how ludicrous it might be?

With the announcement of actual (yeah right) investigations of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ which it to say torture, you have the policy announcers of the Republican party take a stand in defense of torture? Why is it partisan to agree with the same things we said we wanted Sadam out of power for doing? No matter your party affiliation or fiscal philosophy, since when does anyone want America to be the country that tortures? In the very unlikely case that a 24 scenario is unfolding…only this guy has the codes to prevent a nuke from going off…how are we going to get him to talk? In something like that whatever it takes to get the info would happen. Nothing new, nothing unexpected. But we didn’t talk about it and we certainly did not adopt that strategy from the highest positions of power. Something like that would have layers of deniability to protect those with political careers to think of.

These days, people are all about just torturing people. It’s a checklist off the ideals of the Republican party. Pro-life? Check. Pro-Second Amendment? Check. Pro-torture? Check.

I don’t know if what the media is hyping is all true, that everyone in America is hyper-partisan these days and fistfights have to break out when discussing the news of the day. The media sure like to paint it that way. The media seems to be helping make it this way in fact. Gone are the days of objectivity in journalism. It’s either Fox News or MSNBC with all the partisan spin that those carry. Is the majority of America really that deluded that they cannot see the idiocy of their parties policies? I see it in my microcosm of the world. You have the few that still think that Obama will lead us into a new age of understanding and change, despite his policies being the same or worse than Bush even from a liberals standpoint. The White House doesn’t want to release ‘terror suspects’ even after being found not guilty for crying out loud. Yet, there are those that say ‘but he’s doing better. It’ll turn around.’ Sigh.

We also have the others that argue that this is a Christian nation and Obama isn’t a citizen. Muslim’s are inferior and they have no place in our world. It’s all narrow minded racism and their arguments go only as deep as they can remember what Rush said. These people at the town halls are only concerned citizens and no one is being paid by the insurance companies or anything.

That’s a few. The majority don’t say anything, stay quiet as to not rock the boat. Not sure if they agree silently with one ‘side’ or the other or if they just think everyone they hear is a retard. Probably some of all of that in actuality. But you have to wonder, if the media is having an effect and helping set the stage for some partisan war coming up. Surely not everyone that votes Republican thinks that Rush is a living legend and everyone that voted for Obama thinks that he really wants to help the little guy and not his financial backers.

Are politics the latest in the super size me American culture? We can’t have burgers, we have to have the biggest most fattening burgers EVER! We can’t have porn stars, we have to have porn stars with the biggest tits ever! We can’t have a profit, we have to make the biggest profits on record!

Is there room for moderation anymore?

One Response to “Republicans are for torture, democrats are for death panels”

  1. Our society has collective ADD. We look for the sound bite, and not the story. We want the highlight, not the game. Therein lies the problem. Our major parties figured this out a while back, and capitalized on it. It’s a lot easier to say ” is the party of , and my opponent is lock-step with them”, than it is to take a stand, and show past performance toward this end. People now watch debates to watch their candidate trash the other one, instead listening to the points, and rarely come away with a changed thought.

    Many moderates tend to be sensible and thoughtful, understanding there are a lot of gray areas of life, and see the futility of wading into an argument with someone who won’t listen to facts… hence the reluctance of the moderate majority to voice itself.

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