Alex Jones is a plagarist

From Wikipedia, Plagiarism, as defined in the 1995 Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary, is the “use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” Does this apply to Alex Jones in respect to the Obama Joker posters? YES!

To back up something I  pointed out several weeks ago, Alex Jones is now officially taking credit for the Obama Joker posters, despite MSM articles that have spoken to the original artist of said image who said ‘it would be nice to sue all those making money off tee-shirts using his artwork.’ The original art might have copyright problems anyway since it is a co-opted Time magazine cover.

Also mentioned in the article is Jones’ ill-advised $1000 contest for videos showing people vandalizing public areas to ‘spread the message.’ People do not seem to realize that by submitting videos they are basically publicizing video records of them committing a crime in many cases.

All of you Alex Jones kool-aid drinkers out there, can you not see this? Alex ripped off someone else’s art, is selling tee-shirts of it and encouraging listeners to send in videos of you committing crimes! Perhaps the worst part is that this is getting some MSM coverage. The same coverage that Alex continually says is bad and controlled yet he yearns for it with his name attached as well as uses it as a cornerstone of his credibility. How many times have you heard Jones proclaiming ‘see this is true, the mainstream media has this story on it!’ You can’t call the MSM out for being liars and spin doctors all the while you use them to prop up your own credibility and want to get your name in it to help sell tee-shirts and website subscriptions.

People following the trail of the Obama Joker posters will now lead back to Alex Jones, not the original artist, and then people will probably find the insane video of Alex doing his Joker act. Most of the information he is talking about is true but how is that tirade going to help wake up anyone that is on the fence or at least has a crack in the door of their mind? Anyone but his most ardent supporters is going to see a lunatic ranting and raving wearing Halloween makeup. It serves no purpose other than to hurt the credibility of the information he says he is seeking to promote.

Really people, Jones is just showing how far he will take an idea that wasn’t even his to begin with and use it to promote himself and to incite his listeners to commit crimes.

*Edit* I posted a talkback on that article at Infowars. Guess how long it lasted? If your guess was less than 1 minute, you are a winner! Actually, it never made it through the ‘your comment is awaiting moderation, so it never actually got up at all.

I managed to get in a sneaky one anyway hehe!


One Response to “Alex Jones is a plagarist”

  1. COINTELPRO SETUP SITE 4 SURE! Some of us see through the act & NLP. MIND U, presidents are COINTELPRO too – in the GLOBAL TERRORIST ORGANISATION that is the USA!! IMO 🙂 I don’t know why I’m smiling though.. Get my drift?! TRUTH. I wonder if any infowarriors will read this page!

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