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Alex Jones is Enemy of the State

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Alex Jones has been going on for a couple of days now about a ‘news story’ that lists him on Obama’s enemy list. I use ‘news story’ in quotes because of the highly respected font of journalism that is running this story as a world exclusive: The Globe magazine. That’s right, the story is on the cover right next to ‘Patrick Swayze’s deathbed secrets.’ I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bat Boy isn’t weighing on this story. It’s totally a tabloid rag.

Not only is Alex proud that he is getting press he is actually on air today saying exactly why he believes the news piece is accurate. Yes indeed folks, Alex Jones is on air trying to lend credibility to a checkout counter tabloid.

It’s hard to tell if he is doing this as part of his ‘let’s destroy whatever credibility I have left’ program that has been VERY apparent the past several months or if he is so full of himself he is just backing anything that someone used his name on that he didn’t pay to have there. Either way, it illustrates the problems with the self proclaimed ‘father of the 9/11 Truth movement.’

It’s not a matter of facts, it really isn’t. Yes, Alex has about 80% accurate good info. The rest is easily discredited straw men arguments set up in advance or over hyped misinformation. It’s also about the manner in which the presentation happens sometimes too. The infamous Joker rant is a prime example. It might have been a lark, but to those that are unawakened, it just looks like a crackpot that should be ignored. Pushing an article in The Globe seems to fall in the same category to me.


Freedom is dying

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Here is some nice video from the G-20 on Thursday.

Real nice huh? The police, aided by some sort of military personnel, which is back to being illegal since Posse Comitatus is in effect once again (no thanks to Ron Paul), are clamping down on protesters with renewed vigor. The main force behind this is that the protesters did not have a permit. I want to say this clearly so that everyone understands:


All such charges of this nature are completely un-Constitutional. By having to obtain a permit, you can be denied therefore you can be silenced. The very idea that you have to obtain written permission to be able to voice discord or air your greivences is totally against the very idea of freedom of speech and assembly. The Bill of Rights are not given to you by the state, they are affirmed as being ‘God-given’ and not negotiable. By people allowing this to take place like this, you are setting the precedence that these are mere privledges. They are not! The entirety of the U.S. is a free-speech zone.

*Speculation alert!*

Given the number of times it has been proven in the past, the reports of ‘anarchists’ upping the ante and vandalizing the area are likely plain clothes police or military justifying the use of the non-lethal weapons. I have no proof of this and can only point to the other times that this has happened to show a pattern of it being a common tactic. Like here in Britain, Canada, Italy, and Seattle. (yeah I know, I linked to an Alex Jones video, but he has some good info on this particular subject. Remember though, REALLY research and prove to yourself that what he is saying is true…because some of it isn’t.)

With all the foiled terror plots popping up in the news right now, especially with ‘white al-Qaida’ overtones, the stage is seeming to be set for another false flag event, probably with a ‘homegrown’ terrorist. Just after Tom Ridge went public and said that the terror alerts were fake and used for political gain, it seems that the exact same thing is happening with our new good guy President. The song remains the same!

** UPDATE **  After hearing some rumbling and taking a look at it again…the video posted (which seems to be gone now) is highly probably faked. This is why you don’t stick to anonymous youtube clips as real, factual information. Easy to fake things. I got fooled for a bit too. Many rumblings that it was Alex Jones doing the fakery here, but there is nothing to substantiate that (that I have seen.) The point is that once you have been caught over and over pulling stunts and hyping absolute crap, you start to get blamed for everything. That’s why you have to keep your nose clean and attempt to stay credible…not shoot yourself in the foot.

Swine Flu ‘News’ is propaganda, but you already knew that right?

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Here is a perfect example. Headline reads Health Care workers worry about swine flu vaccination. Going into it, that sounds a like it’s a story on the worries of the safety of these shots and the mandatory administering of it to health care personnel around the country, under threat of unemployment. Turns out it’s a whine about how tired people are going to be for having to give so many shots and the increase in workloads all the fear mongering is causing. However, the real intent is a push for nationalized health care. Here is the quote that illustrates the real idea behind this particular story:

“We do not have the resources we need and we haven’t for a while,” Dr Jeffrey Duchin of Public Health in Seattle & King County and the University of Washington said in an interview.

“The problem is we don’t have a coordinated healthcare system in this country. We don’t have a national framework that allows these interventions.”

How much more obvious can they possibly be? Also noted in the article is how the US government is the one paying for all these vaccinations that are being produced right now. The invented crisis already has it’s savior and we are lining the pockets of the big pharma companies to sell us poisoned, un-needed vaccinations. Now when anti-national health care critics talk, pro-reformers can say ‘You didn’t have a problem with us running the successful vaccination program.’ Critics cannot say anything about it before hand, because to do so would put them in the same camp as the tin foil hat truthers screaming about the vaccinations already. It’s all very well crafted, but totally obvious if you are paying attention.

The narrative that is being created is that the swine flu is super deadly (it isn’t) and our old health care system is not equipped to deal with it (uh…the whole thing is unnecessary.) The swine flu shots are as safe as the regular flu shots (which is to say not very) and even before it starts, all of the adverse reaction reports that are going to be received are from hypochondriacs and people trying to draw connections that aren’t there.

This is  how it’s going to be because it’s on tv and that’s what the news says is happening.

Alex Jones Issues New Red Alert… little boy also reports another wolf sighting

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Alex Jones is all in a tither and issuing a maximum alert because he extrapolates hundreds of thousands of troops on the streets of America all the sudden and backs that with a parade of old news and some chick on youtube. Yes, Alex Jones is basing his new maximum alert partially from some chick on youtube. Investigation journalism at it’s finest folks.

The big story that set all this off is a collection of news, going all the way back to Hurricane Katrina, that has been reported on numerous times. Rightfully so because it IS rather scary news, but what Alex is doing is letting these operations have an effect without them putting a single soldier in the street. You see, by issuing maximum alerts with no real new developments, that raises the fear of such a thing to his listeners by a great amount. All the plans and exercises that have been uncovered, but not yet implemented, don’t even have to happen. Just a rumor of such will be broadcast loudly to the people it would most likely affect (scare) the worst.

So many recent events, like the hugely over-hyped Charlie Sheen stunt, have netted Alex more than usual buzz. He doesn’t have anything new, nothing that he’s not been saying already , nothing that is backed up in any way that is.

The big ‘new’ development is a lady that posted on Youtube, rolling several other recent events in the news together for what might be a completely bogus claim. She claims that she is in the military and knows of all the checkpoint and RFID chips to be used for a real or imagined swine flu crisis. Has anyone checked her out? Is she who she says she is? Does she have any documentation of any of this? Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t make it true. I would be even less convinced if it were on the mainstream news, but, at least the MSM pretends to evaluate sources.

Unless there is a real new development, not just things said on youtube or numbers of deployed troops pulled out of thin air, lay off the maximum fear alerts. It eventually makes people stop listening because you shout all the time, saying the same thing. That would go doubly so for folks already not inclined to believe you. Having 80% good info and then having 20% providing straw men arguments for opponents to knock down hurts your credibility and makes people think you are a disinformation agent. When it seems you go out of your way to hype that 20% bogus that makes it obvious.

Also this whole argument is about military operating with law enforcement in violation of the freshly re-instated Posse Comitatus act. I looked up the details of when that got done and noticed something odd. Out of the overwhelming majority that voted to end the John Warner Defense Act, there was a suspicious absence. Ron Paul, the truth movement’s favorite politician (thanks to Alex Jones’ relentless pimping) did not vote to rescind that un-Constitutional act. He voted either present/did not vote. Wouldn’t you think that Paul would have bent over backwards to sign something that killed something so insidious? It certainly might have been some idiotic ear mark attached or something to do with spending, I don’t know. My point here is why hasn’t this been brought up before? This is a question that I think deserves to be asked.

I shouldn’t hesitate to point out that my posts about this on that Jones page were deleted, as per usual. Even in reply to some idiot ditto head whose whole post was Ron Paul for President, End the Fed!   Infowars is actively deleting opposing posts.

Vaccines mandatory for Employees or be fired

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As I posted previously, this is becoming a widespread policy, especially in the health care sector.

It’s now here where I live as well. This affects my family.

What follows is the information released in the Sep. 18, 2009 SE Hospital Employee Newsletter called Informed.

Employees, Contract Staff Now Required to Have Flu Shots

To prevent the spread of influenza between personnel and patients and to protect you from illness, Southeast Missouri Hospital is requiring that all employees and contract staff shall be immunized against seasonal influenza.

This vaccination is not to protect against the H1N1 flu strain that has been in the news for a number of months. Should that vaccine become available, the Hospital will follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations concerning who should receive the vaccine.

This immunization will provided free of charge to all employees. You will be notified when the vaccine is available.

If you are vaccinated by another healthcare provider (physician, walk-in flu clinic), you must provide proof of immunization to the Employee Health Office. Proof may be a physicians note, a receipt or a copy of consent indicating the employee has received the immunization and the date of administration.

Preservative-free vaccine will be available in limited quantities.


Exemptions to the immunization may be granted for medical contraindications (person has severe allergy to chicken eggs, has had a severe reaction to an influenza vaccination, or has developed Guillain-Barre syndrome within six weeks of receiving an immunization) or religious beliefs. A form for medical exemption is available through Employee Health. The standard criteria for medical exemptions will follow recommendations from the CDC.

If you request an exemption based on religious beliefs, a written request must be submitted to Employee Health. Administration will review the request, determine its validity, and either grant the exemption or issue a denial.

Each exemption request will be sent to Employee Health and medically reviewed by the Medical Director of Employee Health. The decision to accept or decline will be given to you in writing.

Employee Health/Infection Control Procedures

Employees who have been granted an exemption will be required to wear a surgical or isolation mask while at work during the influenza season, which typically runs from October 1 through March 31. This is because you could have the transmittable flu virus but not display obvious symptoms. The season will be based on recommendations from the CDC.

All employees and contracted staff must be vaccinated or granted an exemption by December 31, 2009. In the event of a vaccination shortage, the Hospital will follow CDC recommendations about who should receive this vaccine.

Failure to Comply

If you fail to comply with this requirement and cannot produce evidence of an exemption for medical or religious reasons by December 31, 2009, you will be suspended without pay until you can produce evidence that you have been vaccinated or obtained an exemptions.

Failure to comply at that point will result in termination of employment. (emphasis mine)

Your cooperation with this new policy is appreciated. You will be notified when vaccination clinics are scheduled. Your health, and the health of all who enter our doors, is of the utmost importance to us.

Informal ‘water cooler polls’ show overwhelming opposition of this policy. Not much will be raised though because of the hospital’s earlier rounds of firing when they transition to a smoke free campus and fired people for breaking those rules as well. Mind you, that was employees on public streets, but they still did it. The Hospital actually tried to get the city to give them ownership of a public street that runs in front of it just so they could enforce that rule on that road. Only after protests from handful of citizens did that plan die. From what I understand, it was a done deal until the stink was raised.

So get your shots or get fired. Its coming people, its all coming for you!

FCC siding with Net Neutrality YAY…oh wait NOOOOOO!

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The FCC seems to be on the verge of making some regulations that prevent network companies from blocking or limiting usage for ‘competing services.’ Things like AT&T blocking Skype because it’s a competitor. That sounds great right?


This will force service providers to cap bandwidth and return us to the early days of AOL type plans. $x per minute or GB transfer. The people out there that use Netflix or play online games or yes, even those pirating movies from the net will now all the sudden have their bill skyrocket because they stayed on too long.  How would you like to receive a $400 internet bill for one month because one of your children stayed up all night playing Halo on Xbox Live? That’s what will happen here.

If we want to have some highly funded government program, why not one that puts into place a data infrastructure that can keep up with today’s online all the time world? People will cry (and rightly so) that would lead to government being able to see what everyone is doing all the time. Guess what folks, they already can.  (Research Carnivore or also the whistleblowers that helped out the Bush regime’s data collection programs)They have and will continue to do that no matter what we end up having to pay for it.

Let’s get folks trained in this stuff, have a data revolution and make some jobs putting all this in. It will lead to us having a smarter workforce, better infrastructure and even eventually making broadband limitless for everyone. This is one of those times that maybe we need to say ‘they have us over a barrel anyway, might as well get something out of it.’  I mean, I would like real neutrality, like just stay the hell out of our online way, but it’s pretty clear that the days of the Old West for the internet (much to my chagrin) are coming to an end fairly soon.

UN tries to shake down ‘rich countries’ and it will work too!

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The U.N. and WHO  are asking for £900 Million (it’s a British article) to help stop the pandemic of swine flu from causing anarchy in the poorest countries in the world and killing millions.

What a load of horseshit.

This is nothing more than an opportunity for them to ride a media hype machine to shake down ‘rich countries’ (and the U.S. is NOT rich folks…we are broke) to get some monies flowing into the corrupt warlord regimes in Africa and other countries. Besides, I would rather not see those poor folks that can barely eat be bombarded with even less controlled vaccines and medicines. These same poor countries are the same ones that get the even more dangerous and tainted drugs dumped on them all the time. They don’t need to take these poisons to fight off nothing more than a new strain of flu any more than Americans do.

This is not The Stand. It’s just a flu. It’s no more dangerous than regular flu. Don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of doctors out there that have been saying the same thing. Of course there are plenty of doctors that are also telling you it’s the worst thing since polio (and the vaccines for that worked out so well…with the pandemic of cancer caused by it…a real scary pandemic that IS killing people that it should not have.) You have to investigate yourself and see which ones are telling you the truth. The plain fact is that many doctors, especially media spokesperson types, are on the take from Big Pharma and will push for new drugs as they come out for kickbacks. That’s not a conspiracy, it’s just the way it is. From low level drug company reps supplying free samples and free lunches all the way up to large donations to political campaigns (see Rick Perry and the Gardasil deal,) that’s the way this operates.

So now, instead of actually helping these countries with things they need, we will end up paying through the nose to the vaccine makers to supply these folks with poison. Even if the vaccines (and I think I have been very clear that they will not)  did help, very little money would actually be used for altruistic purposes anyway. The majority would line the pockets of their corrupt governments and help fund people not at all friendly to ‘western interests.’

Well, the president will see through all that and not pay right? Obama is a good and truthful man that has the little peoples’ best interests at heart right?

Oh…he’s on radio saying that he wants to make sure that the finances of the entire globe are rolled together and have tighter controls…like America’s. Well, since all the exact same people that caused the Depression we are in are the ones that will be doing that… I guess there goes the whole Obama is going to fix it all idea. Obama wants to protect consumers from credit card companies raping them. They tried that already and ended up making some minor changes and left the real bad loopholes and total ball smashing powers of credit card companies intact. Without a ceiling of interest rates, there’s nothing stopping CC companies from charging 60% interest if they wanted to. There are many companies out there in the ‘pay day loans’ market that charge over 100% interest and it’s legal (on state by state basis…no federal guidelines) to do so. The powers that be all cry about predatory lending on housing and yet there are just plain loan sharks out there, advertising with huge signs all over the place. Here in Missouri they are very well saturated, mostly because the state laws let them get away with murder. No, this isn’t sour grapes because I got burned, I have enough sense to not get mixed up with those places, but most folks that are using them are the ones just barely getting by. To then be virtually enslaved by these predatory lenders with outrageous deals is just insane.  That how finance works here though. Those who need it pay WAY more and get into worse spots by the only available routes for them to do so and those who don’t need it pay 2% interest or even 0% interest. I know it’s a risk management strategy I get that. I know why it works that way, but to take a risky investment and do all you can to make it riskier is not the way to fix it. Either shut it off or level the playing field a bit, don’t rook people.

This line of thought leads only to one place: eventually, through attrition, all consumers cannot purchase any goods and the wheels of consumerism grind to a halt. Then the few conglomerates left with all the money and all the property have it all and no one can get it from them. This sounds reasonable if you are at the top, but do you really want to destroy everyone beneath you?

What the hell am I thinking, of course they do. That’s been the plan all along. Working beautifully guys!