If you study history (and by that I mean recent history even more so) you begin to see patterns repeating. Everything is cyclical. From party control over government all the way down to which conference of the NFL dominates Super Bowls. We do this for a while, we do that for a while.

Right now we are entering a period after having a new president that typically some crisis arises that becomes that president’s legacy. W’s was very obvious. His dad had the first Iraq war. Clinton’s was scandal and home-grown terrorism. Oil crises, Vietnam (they played that one for a while didn’t they?), Afghanistan (before, not now) the Great Depression, WWII , WWI, the list goes on and on.

Now we have several potential crises to be Obama’s. The health care thing might be a red herring. It could also be bumped up to nearly a civil partisan war if the media gets what they seem to want.

Swine flu might also be a candidate, with mandatory vaccinations already coming into effect and the enormous fear machine behind it. With every day, this one looks more and more likely. New stories every day on this one, like touching banned in schools, police cars in front of homes to enforce quarantines… and sadly this is all from the people that are supposed to be experts and calming the public. It is largely a fake crisis but one that will have terrible effects from the human response to it.

It might also be the drum beating for expanding the war in Afghanistan. Weird how all the anti-war folks seem to be much less prevalent even though Obama (the anti-war candidate) is doing nothing to slow down the empire building. Is it the media not covering them, or are they all just moving on with the debate of the day of health care? Some anti-war folks are being more ignored now than ever, like Cindy Sheehan for instance, now relagated to talking on Alex Jones show instead of the national news.

The economy is also poised to collapse, even after all the wonderful (ha!) plans to rescue it. I feel that this is probably going to be an environmental control, something that sours the populace while one of the bigger plans gets going. We really still are on the edge of collapse so if something does happen, it could set off the powder keg of full blown Depression. Possibly much worse than the Big Depression.

It might be another domestic terrorist plan, with all the hubub behind that scenario at the beginning of Obama’s administration. That has cooled a bit recently, but there is the presence of armed people showing up at political presentations (notice I don’t say debates since opposing ideas are largely dismissed.) This might fit into the partisan warfare scenario as well, and anything like that would have a huge influence on anti-gun laws that the Dems so love to institute.

We have a selection of crises to choose from going into this timetable for a crisis to emerge as the big one. Of course it could be something not on the radar at all at the moment like another false flag event from the ‘evildoers of Islam’ or even North Korea pulling some big stunt epspecially with the prerequisite of receiving a visit from a high dignitary, Bill Clinton, right before something goes off has been achieved now.

Enjoy the slow news days. I fear they will be over soon.


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