Baron Hill to Constituents ‘You don’t tell me how to run my Congressional Office’

Ok, first the irony of his last comment on the video, priceless.

But seriously, voters of Indiana, vote this dickhead out!

‘You don’t tell me how to run my Congressional Office.’

Uhm, yeah, we do! At least we are supposed to anyway.

So many elected officials these days seem so out of touch with their primary function, to represent the voters that put them into their jobs, that they seem to forget that basic function. Too much they do what they think is best for their voters, not what they ask for. At least that’s the story they give. In reality, they do what’s best for the people that fund their campaigns, the lobbyists that may have something on them, the party line, virtually anyone except for the people in their districts.

This all was illustrated last fall when the first attempt at the bailout was made. People everywhere were calling their congresspersons in huge numbers against the bailout. It actually worked, the first go failed. The media actually took the tone of calling them pussies for listening to their constituents and voting the will of the people in what they called a blatant effort to remain elected.


They work for us, not us for them. That’s not the way it currently works, but it’s the way it’s supposed to have worked.

So blatant, how much do you want to ask for here?


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