Transsexual to be transferred to woman’s prision

This one is from Britain. A transsexual convicted of rape and manslaughter is being granted a transfer request from a man’s prison to a woman’s one. One of the main arguments for his/her transfer is that they will end up being less of a danger to society if he/she get’s her way.

Quoting from the article:

The prisoner is in her 20s and serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape.

Describing her as “a woman trapped inside a man’s body”, her barrister, Phillipa Kaufman, said the final step to her achieving full womanhood is gender reassignment surgery – but she had been told she cannot have it while in a men’s prison.

Doctors have refused even to consider her for the operation unless she fulfills the “living role requirement” – living as a woman for an extended period; so she has no hope of getting the surgery she so desperately wants unless moved to a women’s jail.

Oliver Sanders, for the Justice Department and the prison authorities, argued that the woman would be no more likely to be accepted by inmates at a female prison and that, if moved, she would have to spend long periods in segregation, at an extra cost of £80,000 per year.

Wow, so much wrong with all this. First, if she is serving a life sentence and she has now server her minimum time, how do they count time in Britain? Is there some weird metric clock we don’t know about? How does life sentence translate to someone in their 20’s getting out of prison?

Secondly, why in the world are they complaining about the £80,000 per year to hold her in solitary or whatever when they need to be asking why would the taxpayers be paying for a sex change? That must cost WAY more than that. I know Britain has their public medicine, but paying for a sex change for a rapist killer to let them out after what must have not been anywhere close to the ‘life sentence’ they received is just outlandish.

I am sure that Republican interests are the ones making sure this is seen in America, just like all the other the other NHS horror stories floating around right now so Bill O and Sean will have something to talk about. Their importation of fear to muddy the waters of what should be a real debate rather than the idiocy of what’s been going on is shameful, but this is one of those stories that makes you wonder what the hell they are doing over there across the pond. This is just retarded on so many levels. No, this is not some sort of homophobia, I really have no quarrel with gay folk, but what about the basic problem of submitting to what amounts to blackmail being done (at a high taxpayer cost) by a convicted rapist/killer that shouldn’t be getting out of jail anyway!

One of those great stories that can (and will) be torn at from many angles, but I bet none will ask those basic questions. It will become ‘If we get a one payer system, people will have to pay for sex changes!’ or ‘To oppose health care reform is to be homophobic!’

Ain’t hyper-partisanship grand?

2 Responses to “Transsexual to be transferred to woman’s prision”

  1. Charlie Butler Says:

    Well, first, transsexual is not the same as homosexual, so this isn’t a case of homophobia or otherwise.

    Also, the cost of the sex change op is far less than £80,000 (more like 20,000, I think, is the going rate, and that’s doing it privately).

    But unusual as this case is, I don’t see why it’s so controversial. Gender dysphoria is a real condition, and gender reassignment has long been known to be the most effective way of treating it, with a far higher success rate than other (more expensive, longterm) approaches such as therapy. And yes, the NHS treats prisoners, the same as it treats anyone else. I’m not sure whether the objection here is to a prisoner receiving medical treatment at all, or to *anyone* receiving this particular form of medical treatment?

    • No, my objection is that a convicted killer serving a life sentence is being allowed all this (on the taxpayer dime even if it is Britain) as to make them less of a danger to society. If they are a danger to society and are serving a life sentence, then keep them in jail. It’s not my say that folks should or should not have a sex change. If that’s who they are, let them be. My other main objection is that this is being run up the pole because the Right wants to use this as more scare tactics about health care reform without addressing the real questions. Just more to get the kinds of folks that would be opposed to this under any circumstances riled up.

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