Israel: What business is it of ours?

All kinds of hubub going on about Israel’s approval of new house building in the Gaza strip and the White House is taking a rare position against Israel on this.

Despite years of pretty much unconditional support for Israel, this is an odd move it would seem. Neither party has ever been very critical of Israel and her policies. A good section of the Republican’s base is of a kind of zionist-christian attitude. That in itself seems rather odd and odder still are the teachings of such mega-church leaders like John Hagee who alternately calls jews ‘christ killers’ and then also writes books in which he claims that Jesus was not the messiah. Pretty schizophrenic even for a loopy bible-thumper.

I think the real question here is why are we as a country so invested in Israel at all? I know, we have been in a protective big brother role since the close of WWII, where America saved the Jews from Hitler’s grasp. We have helped Israel from it’s birth to gain legitimacy not unlike how we discovered and settled North America. You might be thinking, what?, but it’s not much different from what we did by moving onto lands already occupied and running them off and killing them to make our own country. You really have to wonder what made it sound like a good idea to try and carve out a country in an area that is so diametrically opposed to the people you are sending there and has been for thousands of years.

The answer to that I think lies partially in the amount of dual-citizens we have in high levels of power in this country. This is not a partisan thing, both parties have loads of dual citizen members involved with them. I have pointed some of these out before and again I ask the question of why do we allow (and even seem to encourage) this while most other countries disallow it, including Israel itself. Israel has had and still does have a disproportionate amount of influence in our highest circles of power. Rather odd when you consider that their holy texts has the same language of ‘kill all the non-believers’ that the Muslim texts have. Those that always want to say that America is a Christan nation should be just as scared about that.

The bottom line is that it should not be up to the United States to be ‘brokering’ Mid East peace talks or treaties. Why are we in the middle of it at all? We are exerting power in a region that has 2 major groups of people fighting already and we introduce another element to it. Ron Paul got blasted in the primaries for daring to mention that maybe we receive attention from Muslim terrorists by having our nose in their business all the time. He committed a sin by suggesting that perhaps the assumption that the US is always right isn’t. Since Obama has been elected we have been at least talking about all the problems we have here at home which is something that hasn’t been done in a while. Maybe it might benefit us to get our own country back on track before trying further our Empire. You know, just sayin’.

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