Alex Jones is the modern day P.T. Barnum

I couldn’t let this one go by without mentioning it… Alex Jones published an article, written by Charlie Sheen, that was posted for between one and four hours without mentioning that it was a fictional account in a War of the Worlds scenario. The article is about Charlie Sheen interviewing the President and confronting him with 9/11 facts and asking for a new investigation. The hype in the ‘truther’ community went off the meter for a while until Infowars people edited the piece and placed a comment at the bottom that said ‘this hasn’t happened…yet.’

Folks, even though it has seemed totally obvious to me for quite some time, I really cannot see how people can’t see through this stunt as nothing more than a hype machine to gain listeners. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there is anything inherently wrong in that. If you are a businessman, you do what you can to increase business. I would add to that you should do that in an ethical manner,  however that part is hardly ever followed by anyone anywhere anymore. It’s no different than some pop culture media show capitalizing on whatever the latest celebrity tragedy is, like having on Corey Feldman to talk about Michael Jackson. It’s entertainment. But don’t come on the air all about being some champion of justice and pretend that you aren’t trying to make bucks off your loyal flock. Flock is the operative word here as well, because you are getting fleeced.

The problem with this is that the issues at stake are very important ones. The truth behind 9/11 is a very heavy subject and is being taken extremely lightly these days from the Jones camp. Everyone criticizes Rudy Giuliani for always using 9/11 in a self serving political manner. How is that any different than what Alex Jones is doing? Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

You would think that Alex Jones would be covering something like this: Obama becomes first American U.N. Security Council Chair, but no, we have a self generated hype machine that is going to go nowhere other than drive up his numbers and sell some more t-shirts. A huge issue like the U.N. thing is now being lost in the ruckus of a fake news story generated by Jones himself. It certainly looks like the timing was good to defuse the U.N. bombshell in the alternative media. Almost as if he is working for them even…

Alex Jones may have started off wanting to fight the good fight, to get the information out, but now he seems more like Jim Jones: Leader of a cult who hinges on his every word, paranoid, violent towards anyone who questions him. If you question his motives or ideas, you are marginalized and demonized. Most of his ‘followers’ know where he is taking them doesn’t feel right, but they don’t know what else to do. If you have seen any documentaries on Jim Jones you will see that the parallels are really there.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid people!

*edit update* Alex now has a page up on his site talking about all the ‘positive’ comments from the blogosphere. Nothing at all about the overwhelming amount of negative comments on their media stunt. Also, the comments are closed on the new article right out of the gate so they don’t have to single out negative feedback for censoring and deletion. Operation ‘Sink This Bitch’ rolls on….

Alex has spent quite some time on today’s (9/9/09) broadcast having his IT people dance and explain how the servers got hammered and the rest of the story, including the disclaimer, couldn’t be uploaded. He even suggested that hackers attacked them and was making the posting of the disclaimers and comments impossible for a period of time. One of his IT guys was telling mostly the truth as Alex is saying ‘you have problems with that all the time right?’ and his IT guy said ‘no, not really.’  His own people won’t even go along with his on-air bullshit backpedaling.


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