Joe Wilson and the shout heard round the world

Joe Wilson (R)SC interrupted President Obama’s health care speech to Congress this evening. For those watching live it was a nice ‘whoa!’ moment but it also illustrates the current hyper-partisanship that is poisoning the public. There is really no 2 party system in this country, it’s all for show. The medical, insurance and pharmaceutical industries have already bought and paid for their congress persons in full in both parties.

The media, as well as the government (as perfectly illustrated tonight) are only adding to the tensions between stereotypically smug Democrats and ignorant Republicans out in the real world that take their ideals from the partisan commentators. A storm is brewing, and it’s been carefully calculated. If everyone is arguing about this, they aren’t paying attention to other matters. Not that health care isn’t important, everyone knows that the current system is corrupt and killing people already, but both sides are right on this for the wrong reasons. Government control of the health care system is a horrible idea. Leaving it the way it is now is also a horrible idea. Everyone is upset that government might ration care or determine that patients  aren’t worth the treatments being suggested. Guess what? That’s what the insurance companies are doing RIGHT NOW! You are just paying through the nose for it at the moment.

The reason for the outburst tonight was that the racist idiot that cried out LIE! was in reference to coverage for illegals in this country. Guess what? Again, this is happening RIGHT NOW! Illegals are going to the local Medicaid offices and getting cards for health care. Go ask any OBGYN office tomorrow and see if I am lying. Or ER. That’s what they are using.

Too many people now are gaming the system and sitting on their collective ass and making the rest of us pay for their Medicaid coverage. There needs to be a tightening of controls on that so that it is not so easy to do that. We pay for millions of non-disabled people to live off the government dime (our dime!) that could be working. There is not enough control on that system. Fraud waste and abuse is rampant. This doesn’t mean that we should cut everyone off of it though. There are legitimate cases where this is needed. These people could be rolled into a new system with checks to make sure they are not getting away with murder.

On a personal note:

Also too many people have insurance today (maybe even 2!) and are still drowning in medical debts because they had the bad luck of having a chronic illness. I am here to tell you that it sucks. I have a couple of illnesses that prohibit effective care for either of them (no cures either) and I am also currently losing my home due to them. My house payments have nearly doubled under a terrible ARM I got roped into and combined with huge medical bills after 2 insurances even, it wasn’t enough. We make just too much money to qualify for Obama’s save your house plan. I am sick and tired (literally) of paying for those above me to be greedy and those below me to be lazy. No plans are ever around to help bail us out when we need it. The Cash for Clunkers didn’t even cut it so we could replace our failing minivan that qualified for the program. The credit crunch made sure we couldn’t get a loan (because of our terrible housing deal and the knocks on credit that all those medical bills have made) so again, another program I funded with my tax dollars that I couldn’t take part in. All these ‘helpful’ government programs are not helping those working and trying to get by. They are only helping the poorest (and laziest but those two groups are NOT mutually inclusive to each other) and the richest. Again, the middle funds everyone and doesn’t have enough left over to take care of themselves.

Thanks for nothing dicks.


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