Christopher Kelly: Obvious

Article here.

Christopher Kelly,  one of Rod Blagojevich’s top cronies (fundrasier) ‘suicided’ over the weekend. His girlfriend (note he was married and the girlfriend is now ‘lawyered up’) found him slumped over in his SUV after receiving a call that he was trying to commit suicide. He was taken to a local hospital and spoke to police saying that he indeed was trying to commit suicide. He was stabilized for transport to another hospital and then somehow died the next day.

This all seems highly odd. If someone was able to speak about their condition and were stabilized for transport, then what happened to him? It was reported early on that it was an aspirin overdose. As per Wikipedia, the mortality rate of aspirin overdose is 2%. Of course, the aspirin comment has vanished from later versions of the story, probably because of the insanity of that claim. If one were a highly placed political crony in the Chicago machine, you would expect them to come up with better drugs to OD on than aspirin. I am not implying that it was not aspirin, nor that it is impossible for that to have been what occurred. It does seem unlikely though. Just convenient timing, you know, before he was to testify about Blago’s corruption.

Hopefully the press is on this one as it stinks to high heaven. I know one radio report I heard this  morning on it just said that he died, and didn’t even mention suicide making it sound like he passed in his sleep.

Just odd…all I’m sayin’.

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