Recession is over, YAY!

Good ole Ben says the recession is ‘very likely over.’ And the Fed has said it too!

Well, hot damn! Let’s break out the champagne! What’s that? You can’t afford champagne? Well, how bout a nice chardonnay? Oh…

Attention Mr Bernake and all the rest of you up there in big money land:  If all of us down here pool our money together, we can get some Boone’s Farm perhaps to celebrate this great news that the recession is over.

Of course, this guy or this guy or these people all pretty much agree that it’s certainly not over and is going to get worse.

So we can believe the Fed or Ben Bernake (i.e. the people in charge of the ship when it not only hit the iceberg but scraped all the way down the side of it) or virtually everyone else.

Do you think the recession is over?

I think it’s almost over.

Time for the Depression (with a capital D) and that rhymes with T and that stands for Trouble!


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