News at a glance

Poland says U.S. betrayed them. With Obama’s backpedaling on the missile shield we now have slightly better ties to Russia and Poland thinks we left them dangling. This is mostly true. Poland is probably rather (rightly) upset about once again being a pawn in the larger chess game of the big boys. Nothing like making a new melting pot of people pissed at the U.S. Of course, what do we need to fear from Polack terrorists? (It’s just a joke guys, don’t get all riled up.)

Pelosi says all this partisan vitriol will lead to violence. No shit. That’s what I have been saying for months. Of course, it would mean something if it were said by someone that had a shred of dignity or compassion or someone that wasn’t helping fan the flames herself. She is probably the most senior official to invoke the Nazi label for her opponents (her constituents really, but that’s how the majority see their people…enemies.) What did this act do for the debate? Gave the opposition something new to go on about. Way to add to the problem Nancy! Also, FYI, don’t try to convey emotion. Your face just can’t handle it. Pelosi is safe in all this anyway…it’s really hard to drop a house on somebody.

Now both houses have decided to defund ACORN, making the GOP happy to no end. Indeed, the videos show what a swell group they are. The CEO of ACORN has been all over friendly TV, saying how they are going to sue the undercover team and Fox News. I am not sure why she is trying to spin good for child prostitution enablers. On the other hand, one of the videos Hannity and co are running up the pole (the one with the guy talking about smuggling through TJ) doesn’t really seem to say what they are saying it says. The guy in that video says he knows the DA and cops. If you watch that one, they guy seems to be less promising to help them and more trying to gather info to pass along to the right people to stop them. I think that one might be being taken out of context. The others though…no defending that. Why anyone is voting to not de-fund them is just beyond belief. I guess they figure it will blow over or somehow it will all be proven false. Bad gamble to make I think. If I were in those districts, I would be voting for nearly anyone to get those idiots out of office. Also, by the way, anyone that believes that this whole thing was engineered by two 20-somethings out of patriotism and love for country…I have a bridge to sell you. This whole thing has been engineered by at least Breitbart and Fox News, maybe even higher up the GOP chain (and yes, Fox News is indeed part of that chain.)

Obama says ‘legalize illegals so they can get healthcare.’ Wow, so Joe Wilson turned out to be right? Way to shoot yourself in the foot Mr. President. Coming out a week later and saying exactly what your critics across the aisle just warned about…just wow. BUT, remember GOP chest thumpers, your boy Bush was all about getting amnesty for illegals. He was from Texas and carried that sentiment with him. He never got much done on it, but did help lay some important groundwork for the North American Union that would have made (will make) the question of illegals in the U.S. a moot point anyway. I know it’s hard but you have to remember that we have video records of things these days and they will end up on the internets to show how ridiculous you sound when doing a 180 from your previous positions. Like here, even from Fox News.


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