Pre-spinning the vaccine fallout

They aren’t even waiting for the problems to start before spinning the vaccine side effects. Here is an article that is saying basically that even though the vaccines are being made by a bunch of different companies, with different formulas, that they realize they will be unfairly blamed for side effects and deaths after the shots are widely used.  It even goes on to mention the 70s debacle of swine flu vaccines and the terrible side effects of those but tries to spin that as media hype and not a legitimate concern of safety. Everyone knows that 70s era 60 Minutes was just a fear mongering conspiracy theory show. Give me a break.

This is nothing more than pre-spinning what they know is going to happen. We are just trying to warn you for your own safety. Would you rather be sick for a couple of weeks (you know, like the regular flu) or paralyzed or die from a hastily made, largely untested concoction of chemicals totally unbiased (ha!) companies say you need?

Also note that you should read the second page of that article linked above. Here is one of the two paragraphs on the second page that is highly alarming.

To address this, CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are gearing up for one of the biggest surveillance efforts ever. “We know how absolutely essential clear, transparent communications are to the public in order to have a successful vaccination campaign,” Cox said.

Emphasis mine. They plan to flood the blogosphere with pro-vaccination propaganda to try and stem the already known backlash spreading against it. I wonder how long it will be before people posting about this will be slapped with some crime of ‘endangering the public health’ or some such nonsense.

In the interest of CYA, I am not a doctor. Please inform yourself using all available methods before deciding if swine flu shots are for you.

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