UN tries to shake down ‘rich countries’ and it will work too!

The U.N. and WHO  are asking for £900 Million (it’s a British article) to help stop the pandemic of swine flu from causing anarchy in the poorest countries in the world and killing millions.

What a load of horseshit.

This is nothing more than an opportunity for them to ride a media hype machine to shake down ‘rich countries’ (and the U.S. is NOT rich folks…we are broke) to get some monies flowing into the corrupt warlord regimes in Africa and other countries. Besides, I would rather not see those poor folks that can barely eat be bombarded with even less controlled vaccines and medicines. These same poor countries are the same ones that get the even more dangerous and tainted drugs dumped on them all the time. They don’t need to take these poisons to fight off nothing more than a new strain of flu any more than Americans do.

This is not The Stand. It’s just a flu. It’s no more dangerous than regular flu. Don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of doctors out there that have been saying the same thing. Of course there are plenty of doctors that are also telling you it’s the worst thing since polio (and the vaccines for that worked out so well…with the pandemic of cancer caused by it…a real scary pandemic that IS killing people that it should not have.) You have to investigate yourself and see which ones are telling you the truth. The plain fact is that many doctors, especially media spokesperson types, are on the take from Big Pharma and will push for new drugs as they come out for kickbacks. That’s not a conspiracy, it’s just the way it is. From low level drug company reps supplying free samples and free lunches all the way up to large donations to political campaigns (see Rick Perry and the Gardasil deal,) that’s the way this operates.

So now, instead of actually helping these countries with things they need, we will end up paying through the nose to the vaccine makers to supply these folks with poison. Even if the vaccines (and I think I have been very clear that they will not)  did help, very little money would actually be used for altruistic purposes anyway. The majority would line the pockets of their corrupt governments and help fund people not at all friendly to ‘western interests.’

Well, the president will see through all that and not pay right? Obama is a good and truthful man that has the little peoples’ best interests at heart right?

Oh…he’s on radio saying that he wants to make sure that the finances of the entire globe are rolled together and have tighter controls…like America’s. Well, since all the exact same people that caused the Depression we are in are the ones that will be doing that… I guess there goes the whole Obama is going to fix it all idea. Obama wants to protect consumers from credit card companies raping them. They tried that already and ended up making some minor changes and left the real bad loopholes and total ball smashing powers of credit card companies intact. Without a ceiling of interest rates, there’s nothing stopping CC companies from charging 60% interest if they wanted to. There are many companies out there in the ‘pay day loans’ market that charge over 100% interest and it’s legal (on state by state basis…no federal guidelines) to do so. The powers that be all cry about predatory lending on housing and yet there are just plain loan sharks out there, advertising with huge signs all over the place. Here in Missouri they are very well saturated, mostly because the state laws let them get away with murder. No, this isn’t sour grapes because I got burned, I have enough sense to not get mixed up with those places, but most folks that are using them are the ones just barely getting by. To then be virtually enslaved by these predatory lenders with outrageous deals is just insane.  That how finance works here though. Those who need it pay WAY more and get into worse spots by the only available routes for them to do so and those who don’t need it pay 2% interest or even 0% interest. I know it’s a risk management strategy I get that. I know why it works that way, but to take a risky investment and do all you can to make it riskier is not the way to fix it. Either shut it off or level the playing field a bit, don’t rook people.

This line of thought leads only to one place: eventually, through attrition, all consumers cannot purchase any goods and the wheels of consumerism grind to a halt. Then the few conglomerates left with all the money and all the property have it all and no one can get it from them. This sounds reasonable if you are at the top, but do you really want to destroy everyone beneath you?

What the hell am I thinking, of course they do. That’s been the plan all along. Working beautifully guys!

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