Alex Jones Issues New Red Alert… little boy also reports another wolf sighting

Alex Jones is all in a tither and issuing a maximum alert because he extrapolates hundreds of thousands of troops on the streets of America all the sudden and backs that with a parade of old news and some chick on youtube. Yes, Alex Jones is basing his new maximum alert partially from some chick on youtube. Investigation journalism at it’s finest folks.

The big story that set all this off is a collection of news, going all the way back to Hurricane Katrina, that has been reported on numerous times. Rightfully so because it IS rather scary news, but what Alex is doing is letting these operations have an effect without them putting a single soldier in the street. You see, by issuing maximum alerts with no real new developments, that raises the fear of such a thing to his listeners by a great amount. All the plans and exercises that have been uncovered, but not yet implemented, don’t even have to happen. Just a rumor of such will be broadcast loudly to the people it would most likely affect (scare) the worst.

So many recent events, like the hugely over-hyped Charlie Sheen stunt, have netted Alex more than usual buzz. He doesn’t have anything new, nothing that he’s not been saying already , nothing that is backed up in any way that is.

The big ‘new’ development is a lady that posted on Youtube, rolling several other recent events in the news together for what might be a completely bogus claim. She claims that she is in the military and knows of all the checkpoint and RFID chips to be used for a real or imagined swine flu crisis. Has anyone checked her out? Is she who she says she is? Does she have any documentation of any of this? Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t make it true. I would be even less convinced if it were on the mainstream news, but, at least the MSM pretends to evaluate sources.

Unless there is a real new development, not just things said on youtube or numbers of deployed troops pulled out of thin air, lay off the maximum fear alerts. It eventually makes people stop listening because you shout all the time, saying the same thing. That would go doubly so for folks already not inclined to believe you. Having 80% good info and then having 20% providing straw men arguments for opponents to knock down hurts your credibility and makes people think you are a disinformation agent. When it seems you go out of your way to hype that 20% bogus that makes it obvious.

Also this whole argument is about military operating with law enforcement in violation of the freshly re-instated Posse Comitatus act. I looked up the details of when that got done and noticed something odd. Out of the overwhelming majority that voted to end the John Warner Defense Act, there was a suspicious absence. Ron Paul, the truth movement’s favorite politician (thanks to Alex Jones’ relentless pimping) did not vote to rescind that un-Constitutional act. He voted either present/did not vote. Wouldn’t you think that Paul would have bent over backwards to sign something that killed something so insidious? It certainly might have been some idiotic ear mark attached or something to do with spending, I don’t know. My point here is why hasn’t this been brought up before? This is a question that I think deserves to be asked.

I shouldn’t hesitate to point out that my posts about this on that Jones page were deleted, as per usual. Even in reply to some idiot ditto head whose whole post was Ron Paul for President, End the Fed!   Infowars is actively deleting opposing posts.


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