Swine Flu ‘News’ is propaganda, but you already knew that right?

Here is a perfect example. Headline reads Health Care workers worry about swine flu vaccination. Going into it, that sounds a like it’s a story on the worries of the safety of these shots and the mandatory administering of it to health care personnel around the country, under threat of unemployment. Turns out it’s a whine about how tired people are going to be for having to give so many shots and the increase in workloads all the fear mongering is causing. However, the real intent is a push for nationalized health care. Here is the quote that illustrates the real idea behind this particular story:

“We do not have the resources we need and we haven’t for a while,” Dr Jeffrey Duchin of Public Health in Seattle & King County and the University of Washington said in an interview.

“The problem is we don’t have a coordinated healthcare system in this country. We don’t have a national framework that allows these interventions.”

How much more obvious can they possibly be? Also noted in the article is how the US government is the one paying for all these vaccinations that are being produced right now. The invented crisis already has it’s savior and we are lining the pockets of the big pharma companies to sell us poisoned, un-needed vaccinations. Now when anti-national health care critics talk, pro-reformers can say ‘You didn’t have a problem with us running the successful vaccination program.’ Critics cannot say anything about it before hand, because to do so would put them in the same camp as the tin foil hat truthers screaming about the vaccinations already. It’s all very well crafted, but totally obvious if you are paying attention.

The narrative that is being created is that the swine flu is super deadly (it isn’t) and our old health care system is not equipped to deal with it (uh…the whole thing is unnecessary.) The swine flu shots are as safe as the regular flu shots (which is to say not very) and even before it starts, all of the adverse reaction reports that are going to be received are from hypochondriacs and people trying to draw connections that aren’t there.

This is  how it’s going to be because it’s on tv and that’s what the news says is happening.

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