Freedom is dying

Here is some nice video from the G-20 on Thursday.

Real nice huh? The police, aided by some sort of military personnel, which is back to being illegal since Posse Comitatus is in effect once again (no thanks to Ron Paul), are clamping down on protesters with renewed vigor. The main force behind this is that the protesters did not have a permit. I want to say this clearly so that everyone understands:


All such charges of this nature are completely un-Constitutional. By having to obtain a permit, you can be denied therefore you can be silenced. The very idea that you have to obtain written permission to be able to voice discord or air your greivences is totally against the very idea of freedom of speech and assembly. The Bill of Rights are not given to you by the state, they are affirmed as being ‘God-given’ and not negotiable. By people allowing this to take place like this, you are setting the precedence that these are mere privledges. They are not! The entirety of the U.S. is a free-speech zone.

*Speculation alert!*

Given the number of times it has been proven in the past, the reports of ‘anarchists’ upping the ante and vandalizing the area are likely plain clothes police or military justifying the use of the non-lethal weapons. I have no proof of this and can only point to the other times that this has happened to show a pattern of it being a common tactic. Like here in Britain, Canada, Italy, and Seattle. (yeah I know, I linked to an Alex Jones video, but he has some good info on this particular subject. Remember though, REALLY research and prove to yourself that what he is saying is true…because some of it isn’t.)

With all the foiled terror plots popping up in the news right now, especially with ‘white al-Qaida’ overtones, the stage is seeming to be set for another false flag event, probably with a ‘homegrown’ terrorist. Just after Tom Ridge went public and said that the terror alerts were fake and used for political gain, it seems that the exact same thing is happening with our new good guy President. The song remains the same!

** UPDATE **  After hearing some rumbling and taking a look at it again…the video posted (which seems to be gone now) is highly probably faked. This is why you don’t stick to anonymous youtube clips as real, factual information. Easy to fake things. I got fooled for a bit too. Many rumblings that it was Alex Jones doing the fakery here, but there is nothing to substantiate that (that I have seen.) The point is that once you have been caught over and over pulling stunts and hyping absolute crap, you start to get blamed for everything. That’s why you have to keep your nose clean and attempt to stay credible…not shoot yourself in the foot.


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