Alex Jones is Enemy of the State

Alex Jones has been going on for a couple of days now about a ‘news story’ that lists him on Obama’s enemy list. I use ‘news story’ in quotes because of the highly respected font of journalism that is running this story as a world exclusive: The Globe magazine. That’s right, the story is on the cover right next to ‘Patrick Swayze’s deathbed secrets.’ I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bat Boy isn’t weighing on this story. It’s totally a tabloid rag.

Not only is Alex proud that he is getting press he is actually on air today saying exactly why he believes the news piece is accurate. Yes indeed folks, Alex Jones is on air trying to lend credibility to a checkout counter tabloid.

It’s hard to tell if he is doing this as part of his ‘let’s destroy whatever credibility I have left’ program that has been VERY apparent the past several months or if he is so full of himself he is just backing anything that someone used his name on that he didn’t pay to have there. Either way, it illustrates the problems with the self proclaimed ‘father of the 9/11 Truth movement.’

It’s not a matter of facts, it really isn’t. Yes, Alex has about 80% accurate good info. The rest is easily discredited straw men arguments set up in advance or over hyped misinformation. It’s also about the manner in which the presentation happens sometimes too. The infamous Joker rant is a prime example. It might have been a lark, but to those that are unawakened, it just looks like a crackpot that should be ignored. Pushing an article in The Globe seems to fall in the same category to me.


2 Responses to “Alex Jones is Enemy of the State”

  1. cyborgmind Says:

    Not a bit “jealous” are we about AJ… Thanks for the Free Press…

    • jonnyfrag Says:

      No I am not jealous of AJ at all in fact. He is a pathetic little man trying his hardest to be someone. It’s blatant and shameful.

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